Information & direction

bullet item Purchasing Policies and Guidelines
bullet item Supplier Diversity Program
bullet item Procurement Cards & Fleet Cards
bullet item Instructions End of Fiscal Year 2013 and Beginning Fiscal Year 2014
bullet item Central Receiving and Surplus
bullet item Who Buys What in the Purchasing Department
bullet item ISU Signatory Policy
bullet item Send Documents Electronically To IKON's Copy Center
bullet item Travel Management Service Guidelines
bullet item Licensing, Merchandise, and Trademarks
bullet item  New Vendor Application (PDF)
bullet item Sustainability
bullet item Ikon Trac Solution - Send & Track Copy Jobs & Request Service (Word)
bullet item ATM Bank Machine Locations
bullet item Having a Cash Collection Sites on Campus

forms & manuals

bullet item Commodity Code List (Word)
bullet item Instruction Manual for Printing Departmental Copies of Purchase Orders (Word)
bullet item ISU Requisition Form (Word)
bullet item Banner 7 Manual, Instructions On Entering Requisitions (Word)
bullet item Banner 7 Instruction Manual On Change Orders, For Following Up On Past Due Orders and for Generating Return and Exchange Requests (Word)
bullet item Sole Source Form (Word)
bullet item Conflict Of Interest Form (Word)
bullet item Sales Tax Exemption Form (PDF)

Vendor Reference section

bullet item Suggested Vendors

Purchasing Guidance

bullet item Logo Items & Shirt Orders
bullet item Send Documents Electronically To IKON's Copy Center
bullet item Federal Express Shipping
bullet item Filing Cabinets
bullet item Furniture Purchasing
bullet item ISU Street Addresses (Excel)

       Software Contract Language

notice to bidders

bullet item ISU Master Specifications

bullet item Currently Advertised & Future Projects

bullet item Bid Results, Past Advertised Projects

         ISU Security RFP 

        B0021375 Dreiser Hall Room 303 

        B1000502 Bulk Television Programming

        B1000502 Bid Specifications

        B1000502 campus Map


       Spreadsheet for Telecomm Parts 2015-2016

        Telecomm  Parts 2015-2016

        Updated 7/27/2015



General reference

bullet item Telephone Directories
bullet item Thomas Register of American Manufactures
bullet item On-Line Computer Magazines
bullet item Scientific Vendor Information

bullet item The Purchasing & Central Receiving Department is a Division of Business Affairs and Finance