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Center for Community Engagement

Indiana State University
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Submit Manuscripts

Papers are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Manuscripts should be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment to http://discovery.indstate.edu/ojs/index.php/joce/index.

The following types of articles will be published in the Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education:

Perspectives - Perspectives are invited articles from faculty and administrative leaders addressing topical issues.

Research and Theory Articles - A general article is research-based with a theoretical foundation that advances new knowledge or provides theoretical insights and understanding into community engagement and community-based learning. These articles should have a sound methodology/research design and well-developed analysis (data) section. Research and theory articles should not exceed 25 double-spaced, typed pages, including all references, notes, tables, and figures.

Insights, Case Studies, and Applications - An insights and applications article is a tightly written descriptive case study that includes a concise, brief description of methods employed and attempts to illustrate a specific relationship or set of relationships about the application and insights towards community engagement and community-based learning. Insights and applications articles could describe a particular problem and draw attention to the implications of the work for the larger field of study of higher education, community engagement, and pedagogy. The piece should provide a contextual framework. Total length, including tables, figures, references, and notes should not exceed 15 double-spaced, typed pages.

Forum - The Forum section offers a medium for authors to present editorial remarks and their perspectives and observations about community engagement. These comments can be gleaned from the author’s engagements and derived from the author’s particular disciplinary orientation, previous experiences, and the like. Such observations might focus on similarities or differences (and the likely bases for these) in the nature of problems, institutions, or social processes they encounter. Hypotheses and research questions prompted by such experiences are welcome. Editorial or professional reaction or commentary on published material in the journal is also welcome. Total length of a forum article should be five to eight double-spaced typed pages.

Research Notes - A research note is a short article on a methodological or research design. Research notes should be no longer than five or six double-spaced, typed pages.

Book Reviews - Book reviews focus on new books in community engagement and community-based learning that are both academic and applied. Book reviews will be solicited and should be no longer than four (4) double-spaced, typed pages.

Formatting Instructions

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines of the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Two versions should be uploaded – one that is blinded, which should be uploaded as the primary copy, and the other should be un-blinded and uploaded as a supplemental file.

Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, including quotations and references. Prepare your manuscript in Microsoft Word. Include an abstract of no more than 75 words in length and place it on its own page between the title page and body of the paper.

The end of the paper should be followed with notes (acknowledgements and footnotes), references, and author biography. Each author should include a biography of no more than 3 sentences and contact information (address, phone, fax, E-mail, and URL) in the un-blinded version.

Authors may submit 2-3 electronic color photographs (as separate files) that demonstrate the activities or outcomes of the community engagement activities featured in the manuscript (JPEG or GIF files are preferred). Non-photographic tables and figures should be cited and imbedded in the narrative text with titles and captions.