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Indiana State University
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Sycamore Service Corps

AmeriCorps is a network of programs throughout the US that allows individuals to serve at nonprofit organizations in their communities, while being compensated for their time.  The program at Indiana State University is called Sycamore Service Corps.

The Sycamore Service Corps places volunteers with local nonprofit organizations to complete service terms of 300, 450, or 675 hours. The program is a great opportunity for local residents or students to provide meaningful service to nonprofit agencies and to make a difference in the community. Volunteers accepted into the AmeriCorps program become members and most receive a living allowance in exchange for their service. Members also receive an education award upon successful completion of the program. Education award amounts range from $1,175 - $2,114. Training and professional development are also benefits of the program.

Topic Presenter/Host/Event Date Time Location
Engaging the Community Corry Smith June 07th, 2016 2pm CCE Conference Room
Special Olympics Special Olympics June 10th, 2016 TBA TBA
Special Olympics Special Olympics June 11th, 2016 TBA TBA
Special Olympics Special Olympics June 12th, 2016 TBA TBA
White Priviledge Jennifer Christian June 16th, 2016 1pm CCE Conference Room
Conflict Resolution Josh Powers and Elonda Irvin June 16th, 2016 1pm CCE Conference Room
Self-Defense Howell Tapley June 25th, 2016 1pm TBA
Concquering Public Speaking Brook Reinoehl/Toastmasters Club August 4th 7:30pm Rose Hulman Myers Building

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Information on the national program is available at http://www.americorps.gov.

For more information about Sycamore Service Corps, contact:

Jennifer Christian
AmeriCorps Program Director