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Center for Community Engagement

Indiana State University
Tirey Hall 136A
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809

Phone: 812.237.2334
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  1. Host sites must be non-profit 501(c) 3 or public agencies.
  2. Non-profit 501(c)3 organizations that serve as host sites must have been in operation for a minimum of one year and have at least one professional, paid staff member.
  3. Host site organizations must provide services in at least one of the following areas: public safety and human services, community and economic development, education, health, or family self-sufficiency and stability. In addition, the mission of the host site organization must address one of those service areas.
  4. Host site organizations must provide a non-federal cash match of a pre-determined amount to support a portion of each member’s living allowance.
  5. Host site organizations must designate one paid administrative staff member to serve as the site supervisor. The site supervisor must be a member of the administrative/executive staff. Support staff or volunteers cannot serve as site supervisors.
  6. Host sites must provide the member with a quality placement, ensuring that the member engages in part-time, direct service for a period of up to 12 months. Members cannot duplicate the functions of other employees or displace paid or volunteer staff positions.
  7. Host sites must provide members with on-site orientation and on-going training as needed, and an appropriate work space with access to a phone, computer, and supplies.

Potential host sites are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • The quality and stability of the organization’s management.
  • The quality, innovation, and feasibility of the proposed project.
  • Compatibility between the organization’s mission, proposed project and the mission of Sycamore Service Corps.
  • The level of training and professional development available to members.

The Host Site agrees to be in compliance with all applicable AmeriCorps rules, provisions and guidelines established at the federal, state, and grantee levels as monitored by the AmeriCorps program staff at Indiana State University. In the event of a disagreement between the Host Site and the AmeriCorps Program staff, a grievance procedure has been established and can be found on page 29. AmeriCorps program staff reserve the right to terminate this agreement or remove the AmeriCorps member from the site at any time.