The Psychological Society, or "Psych Society," works to provide resources and opportunities for both majors and non-majors to learn more about the field of psychology. To this end, Psych Society sponsors a number of talks related to research in psychology, graduate school applications, and career paths in psychology.

The Society will also sponsor a number of fun and exciting activities throughout the year that will allow you to meet and interact with students and faculty with interests in psychology. Our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to be successful in their future endeavors whether that leads directly to the field of psychology or some other area.

We are currently looking for new Psych Society members. Membership is open to any ISU student.

You can download the membership application here. After completing the application, please return it to Dr. Patrick Bennett or to any of the officers listed below.

If you have any questions about Psych Society, please contact Patrick Bennett, faculty advisor at

Psychological Society Officers

2010-2011 Psychology Society Officers (From Left to Right):
Leah Newton, Megan Clodfelter, Heather Woods, and Heather Bauer

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