Field Work in Psychology

Psychology majors can take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in applied settings by enrolling in PSY 484 (Field Work in Psychology). Such experience, whether unpaid (typically) or paid (occasionally), can help students develop a greater awareness of their interests as well as provide valuable experience to include on their resume or graduate school applications.

Students must take PSY 384 and earn a grade of 'B' or better in order to enroll in PSY 484. Students must also complete the Field Placement Application (see link below) in the semester PRIOR to enrolling in PSY 484. The purpose of the PSY 484 application is to ensure that students have met the pre-requisites for Field Placement, and to assist students in securing a placement site that matches with the student's interests.

Once students are approved for PSY 484 and PRIOR to the start of the class, students must:

  1. Have secured a Field Placement position (with the assistance of the Field Placement Coordinator)
  2. Submit an Internship Agreement Form (see link below) AND a job description to the Field Placement Coordinator for approval.

Students that enroll for PSY 484 but fail to secure a placement position and/or do not submit the Internship Agreement Form and job description will be disenrolled from the class!


For psychology majors the following guidelines apply):

Please note that PSY 484 will be routinely offered during the Spring and Summer terms. PSY 484 will not be offered during Fall terms. Please talk with your academic advisor and plan your course sequence accordingly!

For more information, please see:

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