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Most students accepted into the program will receive some form of financial assistance, which is renewable each year. Full-time stipends start at $7,150, with stipend amounts prorated for assignments less than full-time. Fellowship awards also carry a tuition and fee waiver, exclusive of building and student services fees, for up to 18 hours per academic year.


Scholarships and other forms of funding for psy.d. students


  1. The Michael J. Murphy Professional Development Scholarship is available to students enrolled in the Psy.D. program for the purpose of supporting travel to conferences for professional development purposes.  The scholarship provides up to $200 for travel and students may apply only once during their tenure in the program.  For more information go to:  Michael J. Murphy Professional Development Scholarship
  2. The ISU College of Graduate and Professional Studies sponsors the Graduate Student Research Fund.  Students can receive up to $600 for funding to assist with research or dissemination of research by attending a conference.   There is a Sept. 30th deadline for Fall/Spring grants and a Feb 1st deadline for Spring/Summer grants.  Students may apply only once in an academic year.
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