Undergraduate Handbook: The Department of Political Science

Faculty Biographical Sketches
Academic Programs

The Department of Political Science is located on the second floor of Holmstedt Hall in the North end of the building. The Department and faculty offices are located there, along with the Department's computer laboratory. The Department office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. All faculty members maintain office hours, which are posted. You may call for an appointment if you can not make the office hours.

The faculty is composed of eleven persons, each of whom hold a doctoral degree. All are involved in research as well as teaching. All teach introductory as well as advanced courses.

Offices & Phone Extensions:
HH = Holmstedt Hall
SH = Stalker Hall

Faculty Office Phone Number
Dr. Stan Buchanan
MPA Director
HH 306 812-237-2437
Professor Katie Butwin HH 311 812-237-3766
Dr. Michael R. Chambers
HH 312 812-237-2515
Dr. Gaston A. Fernandez
HH 314 812-237-2517
Dr. Carl Klarner HH 322 812-237-2436
Dr. Samory Rashid HH 324 812-237-2519
Dr. Carly Schmitt HH 309 812-237-2514
Dr. Robert Van Sickel HH 314 812-237-2503
Dr. Linda S. Maule
Gen Ed Coordinator
SH 215 812-237-3940
Dr. Nathan Myers HH 308 812-237-2504
Emeritus Faculty
Dr. Glenn E. Perry
HH 318 812-237-2505
Dr. Michael H. Erisman HH 320 812-237-2429

Academic Programs

The Department offers several Departmental degree programs and contributes to a number of interdisciplinary programs.

Departmental Degrees:
Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Political Science
Political Science Minor
Public Administration Minor
Legal Studies curriculum

Interdisciplinary Programs:
International Studies Program
Latin American Area Studies Certificate Program
Women's Studies Program

The Department also offers the Political Science component for Social Studies certification for grades five through twelve. Descriptions of all these programs can be found in the Bulletin.

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