MPA Handbook : Professional Profiles of MPA Faculty

Dr. STAN BUCHANAN, Ph.D., University of Tennessee, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of Public Administration, 2001.  As a political scientist, his interests lie with state and local government, Congress and the bureaucracy. As a student of public administration, he prefers the study of the politics of the bureaucracy, although he is currently developing research in the nature of American nonprofit organizations and their relationship with public agencies.

Dr. JAMES L. McDOWELL, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Professor of Political Science, 1967. State Administration, Local Administration, and National Administration. Dr. McDowell served as the Director of the Center for Governmental Services at Indiana State and has been a staff assistant in the Indiana Legislature. His publications have appeared in APS Review, National Civic Review, and Journalism Quarterly. He has also contributed major chapters to two books on Indiana politics and administration. He is currently working on a cross-state study of coping with the "new federalism." He has presented scholarly papers in the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association.

Dr. SAMORY RASHID, Ph.D., University of Chicago, Associate Professor of Political Science, 1990. Organization Theory and Behavior, and Public Policy, and Political Economy. Dr. Rashid was an analyst for the Illinois legislature and the state Planning Office. He has made scholarly presentations on multinational corporations, African Development and Labor Force Diversity. His publications have appeared in Social Science Research Journal and in The International Journal of Arab and Islamic Studies. He has received a research grant from the American Political Science Association for a project titled "The Political Environment and Foreign Direct Investment Decisions". He has also received grants from the Law and Society Associations and the Indiana Consortium for International Programs.

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