Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Administration

The Department of Political Science offers a certificate of advanced study in public administration primarily for professionals who are working in public and non-profit agencies. This program also admits government employees sponsored for graduate study by foreign governments, international agencies, and United States government agencies. Application for admission to this program is made to the School of Graduate Studies. Certificate of advanced study in public administration students are required to complete each of the following four 600 level graduate courses in Public Administration with a "B" grade or better. The M.P.A. Director serves as academic advisor. Courses required include: PA 601,605, 606 and 607.

Certificate in Public Administration

Courses required include: PA 601, the introduction to the study of public administration; PA 605, organizational behavior; PA 606, public personnel management; and PA 607, budgeting in public agencies.

Certificate in Public Personnel Administration

The online certificate in public personnel administration is designed for public and non-profit professionals in human resources.? It consists of four courses:? PA 601, PA 605, PA 606, and PA 640, a course in public personnel law.

Upon completion of the required coursework for either certificate, students should fill out an Application for Certificate Completion found on this site and return it to the MPA Program Director, Dr. Stan Buchanan.

For a copy of the application visit:


If you have completed your certificate program, please fill out the following form and submit it to the Political Science Department:

Application for Certificate Completion in MS Word format
Application for Certificate Completion in Adobe Acrobat format

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