Dr. Glenn Perry

Dr. Glenn Perry

Emeritus Professor, Comparative Politics & Middle East

Year Joined ISU
September 1966

Expertise and Activity Statement
Dr. Perry received his Ph.D. in Foreign (International) Affairs at the University of Virginia and did postdoctoral work in Oriental (Middle Eastern) Studies at Princeton University. He has made several trips to various parts of the Middle East and taught two years at the American University in Cairo. The author of many books and articles on Middle Eastern topics ranging from religiopolitical institutions and movements to the question of Palestine, he emphasizes the interdisciplinary character of his work, and indeed his best known book is a widely used text in Middle Eastern history that is now in its second edition. Much of his current work focuses on the Middle Eastern experience with democracy, and this has induced him to deal more broadly with conditions favorable to democracy worldwide as well as with other theoretical aspects of comparative politics.

Dr. Perry taught several courses specifically on the Middle East and others dealing more generally with international relations and comparative politics.

Curriculum Vitae
CV Perry

Course Syllabi
PSCI 473/573

Office Location
Holmstedt Hall 318