Dr. Stan Buchanan


Dr. Stan Buchanan

Associate Professor, Political Science & Director of Public Administration

Year Joined ISU

Expertise and Activity Statement
Don't be fooled.  Dr. Buchanan is neither from Tennessee (PhD UT/Knoxville '96) nor Texas (MPA Baylor '85).  Nor is he a Hoosier by birth, although he'd like to be.  There's no remedy for those kinds of mistakes at this late date.  No, he's from California--something he tries to keep from students, friends and fellow faculty, for reasons obvious to everyone NOT from California.  (For those of you who like puzzles, find the OTHER guy from the left coast on our faculty.)

As a political scientist, his interests lie with state and local government, Congress and the bureaucracy.  As a student of public administration, he prefers the study of the politics of the bureaucracy, although he is currently developing research in the nature of American nonprofit organizations and their relationship with public agencies.

Dr. Buchanan lives in an old farmhouse in Youngstown with his wife Anne, a freelance book editor, and his daughter Elizabeth, a high school student and published poet.  Also included in the household, not necessarily at his request, are two dogs, a couple of cats, two or three rats (depending on what month it is), the occasional hamster, and other various itinerant fauna. Contact him about the MPA program.  He's happy to help.

Office Location
Holmstedt Hall 306