Photography Services

The Photography Services area strives to provide high-quality digital images of the people and programs of Indiana State University. With an emphasis on images showcasing experiential learning, Photography Services handles hundreds of requests each year from departments and organizations to photograph campus events, activities and functions as well as academic, research and classroom scenes. The staff also provides portrait studio and still life work, as well as supporting photography for athletics.


  • Digital photography – Office photographers attend, schedule, and photograph marketing shoots for use in university publications and are available to attend university events.
  • Printing Services – Printing service is available up to 11X13. See below for rates.


  • To schedule a photographer, call 237-3788 or fill out the online photographer request form.
  • Requests should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, and will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.
  • All requests are subject to review and may be refused.
  • Portrait images are taken at the Photography Services studio. Portrait times should be scheduled in advance.

Photography Services will assist university departments with shoots designed to market departments or programs through the web or in publications. Here are some guidelines to consider when contacting Photography Service about a marketing shoot:

  • Contact Photography Services well in advance to schedule the shoot and to discuss ideas and options for images.
  • Depending on the complexity of the shoot, expect to block off two or more hours for the shoot.
  • Have at least four locations in mind that would best showcase the area or department.
  • Have at least five students available to serve as models for the shoot. Each student will be required to sign a model release and should be dressed appropriately.


  • Proofs of portraits and other images will be provided electronically via private web gallery.

Digital images are provided at no cost, and there is no fee for promotional photo shoots, newsworthy events or shoots that support the marketing and promotion of the university.

Digital Image requests  No Charge
Promotional, Newsworthy shoot  No Charge
Digital Images of events  No Charge
Wallet print $2 (set of four)
Passport Photos   $4
4X6  $2
5X7 $4
8X10 $8
11X14 $12
13X19  $14
Custom Sizes  Varies
Basic Photo retouching*  No charge
Advanced Photo retouching*  $25 per hour
DVD of Images $5

*Basic photo retouching including color balance, removing blemishes, adding basic text, softening wrinkles, removing glasses glare, etc. and is provided at no charge. Advanced retouching includes, but is not limited to, removing or adding people into group photos, clothing adjustments, or any work done on images not taken by Photography Services staff.

There is no charge for images that are used on the web to promote Indiana State and its programs, both internally and externally.

There is no charge for electronic images supplied to print publications, media outlets or other businesses or organizations that use the images to promote Indiana State University and its programs.

Photography Services has more than 400,000 images on file, most of which date from 2001 to the present. To request an image, contact photography service at 237-3788.

On occasion, a client may have a need for a private gallery to allow others to view and review images for a project. Photography Services will create one special, private gallery for a department for image review. This service is limited to one gallery per department.

Photography Services will accept submitted photos in cases in which the images can be used to promote the university, or for newsworthy events. Submitted departmental images will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and will be subject to fees if it requires photo retouching such as removing date stamps.

Students, faculty and staff may use Photography Services images of themselves on Facebook and other networking sites provided the images are not altered and do not misrepresent Indiana State University events or activities. Photos depicting other students, faculty or staff may be used only with permission of Photography Services and all persons pictured in the image. All images published to social networking sites must be credited ISU Photography Services.

All ISU faculty and staff may download and use campus images for personal use and for departmental use. Please contact Photography Services before using images in department or publications.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use Photography Services images in presentations provided the images are not altered and do not misrepresent Indiana State University events or activities.

On occasion, the Photography Services staff will create either web based Flash presentations or slide shows. These shows may or may not include still images, audio, music and video. Creation of these shows is on a case by case basis, depending on the use of the show. To inquire about the creation of a slideshow or multimedia presentation, contact Photography Services at 237-3788.

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