The Office of Photography Services is staffed with experienced professionals who strive to provide high quality, creative imagery to showcase and support the ISU Community. Photography Services works closely with Media Relations, Web Development and University Publications to help tell the story of the many exciting activities and accomplishments of ISU students, faculty, staff and alumni.

As a unit of the Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications, and in keeping with a key element of the university’s Strategic Plan, we are especially committed to producing images designed to attract more students to the university and document programs designed to ensure the success and ultimate graduation of those students.

Several key elements go into capturing a great image. We strive to show the fun and excitement that exists on the ISU campus. Therefore, we are interested in covering student and campus events that have an emotional element and visual interest (such as the tandem race). We also strive to showcase the experiential learning opportunities that ISU makes available to ISU students. When students step out of the classroom and into the field, we want to be there to capture their experiences and discoveries.

Mission and Prioritization

Photography Services places top priority on photographing events and activities that will support and enhance the mission of recruitment and retention. In addition, showcasing the important work and successes of the university’s faculty and staff remains a priority.

Photography Services generally does not provide photo coverage of banquets, awards presentations and general departmental events unless the images can be used for recruitment or media relations purposes. If we are unable to do your shoot, further assistance may be available. We will work with you to help find a solution to your coverage needs.


To Schedule a photo shoot, please fill out the online photo request form. A member of the Photography Services staff will respond to your request in a timely manner. For portrait requests, please list two or three possibly days and times.

What We Cover:



            Smugmug is a third party web hosting company in which Photography Services posts galleries and images. Smugmug serves as an online database, and many of the events and activities that we photograph will appear in the public areas of the site. Departments and organizations are welcome to link to galleries on the Smugmug site. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use images from SmugMug in their work for the university to promote ISU.  Images may be used for social networking sites as long as they are not altered and are not used in a negative manner. ISU Photography Services must be credited. Please contact Photography Services before pulling and posting images online or in publications to ensure proper and legal use of the images.
In addition to the public section of Smugmug, Photography Services maintains private galleries that are used for in house proofing and selection of images. Clients receive links to these galleries directly. Private galleries should remain private and should not be linked to public web sites. Images from private galleries should not be pulled and used without permission of Photography Services. To view our Smugmug database, visit ISU PHOTO.



The Office of Photography Services maintains a database of more than 400,000 images that date back to roughly 2000. Contact Photography Services at 237-3788 if you are in need of an image. Basic requests are filled within two days, but more complicated requests can take longer.