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Program Development

Indiana State University faculty members who are interested in developing programs (including foundational studies courses) for online programs may benefit from the array of services offered by the University.

Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Online course development
  • Online program development
  • Marketing
  • One-stop student services designed for online learners and transfer students

Online Teaching Development Stipends

Beginning with the fall 2010 semester, the limited pool of funds available for faculty stipends will be focused on encouraging the development of instructional capacity to deliver new certificates and/or degrees in the online environment. We will focus our efforts on assisting faculty members to become effective teachers in the online environment as well as developing courses for online delivery. Additionally, a priority will be given to proposals that build the University's capacity to deliver a new or enhanced online program, especially those programs aligned with the strategic plans of both the college and University.

The dean of the academic college and, if appropriate, the Dean of the Graduate College, will determine which programs should be recommended for online development.

Payment of Stipends

A stipend of a $2,000 will be paid to faculty members who meet all of the following conditions:

  • Will be teaching one or more new courses in a new or enhanced online certificate or degree program recommended by the dean of their college.
  • Are one of a group of faculty members proposed to deliver the new program.
  • Complete the "Good Online Teaching and Learning" program.
  • Prepare one or more courses in the new/enhanced program for online delivery (see note below).
  • Agree to share with the University the rights to content "chunks" such as video clips or streams, animations, graphics, etc. developed during the program or subsequently with help of instructional designers.

Note: While the preparation of a course for online delivery is part of the professional development program, the primary purpose of the programs is the development of online teaching skills and tools rather than course development. The stipend paid for participation in this program is not intended to compensate a faculty member for the development of new curriculum.


The payment of stipends will be made from Extended Learning's funds. The decision to fund the participation of particular faculty members will be made by the Dean of Extended Learning in consultation with the dean of the academic college involved, the Dean of the Graduate College, if appropriate, and the Provost. The decision will be based upon the availability of funds and the relative importance of the proposed program to the strategic goals of the college and University.


For assistance, contact:

Ken Brauchle
Dean of Extended Learning
Tirey Hall room 134B
Indiana State University
(812) 237-2334

Indiana State Online Students Residing Outside of Indiana: Each of the states has its own approval processes for out-of-state institutions offering online degrees. While Indiana State University endeavors to offer all of its programs to as wide an audience as possible, all ISU online programs may not be available in all states. Currently, online programs are not offered in the state of Massachusetts. To check the status of programs available in a particular state, visit program availability.