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Printing Management Initiative FAQ

  1. What is the Printing Management Initiative?
    The Printing Management Initiative is a collaborative effort led by Purchasing and the Office of Information Technology. The intent is to partner with colleges and administrative offices institution-wide to reduce the cost and environmental impact of printing.

  2. What is the goal of the Printing Management Initiative?
    The goal of the Printing Management Initiative is to increase awareness of the cost and impact of printing, and to reduce overall the volume of printed matter on campus.

  3. What does the Printing Management Initiative involve?
    Right now, the Initiative includes a standard and a procedure for purchasing new printers, and some standards for setting up computers to print in the most cost-effective ways.
    The standard can be found at:
    The procedures document can be found at:
    Over time, Purchasing and OIT will work with students and others to create some awareness campaigns about the cost and impact of printing, and about methods to reduce or eliminate printed materials.

  4. What is the standard for purchasing new printers?
    Here are three major points of the standard:
    1. Faculty and staff are asked to use existing departmental copiers and printers as much as possible, rather than purchasing printers for individual use only.
    2. When a printer is purchased, faculty and staff are asked to purchase laser printers, as they are much more cost effective to operate on a per-page basis. Purchasing an ink jet printer should be avoided, and such purchases will be handled as an exception.
    3. Ricoh is the standard printer provided. Ricoh consultants are readily available to review your printing needs and practices and to provide guidance on the best printer to purchase when one is needed.

  5. Will printers that are currently in departments around campus be removed or replaced?
    The purchasing standards apply to printers that are purchased on and after the date the standard is effective.

  6. Where can I find information on the standard printers available for purchase?
    Go here for the current list.

  7. Inkjet printers are often very inexpensive, and in fact the one I want to buy is less expensive than the least expensive Ricoh laser printer. Why can’t I just buy this inkjet printer on my Pro-card?
    Inkjet printers are often less expensive than other types of printers. However, if an individual prints anything close to the usual number of pages on that printer, the costs of ink and toner over time make that printer much more expensive to the department. Per-page costs are shown in the printer purchase procedure, but here are the comparisons:
       Networked copier:
    • $.0065 per print B&W
    • up to $.0685 per print color
       Laser Printer
    • $.075 per print B&W
    • $.12 to $.18 per print color
       Inkjet Printer
    • $.12 to $.15 per print B&W
    • $.18 to $.22 per print color

  8. My office is located a long way from the departmental printer, and I print a lot. Shouldn’t I have my own printer?
    Considerations of location and volume should be taken into account when making purchasing decisions for printers. It is not the goal of the Initiative to waste time and effort in an attempt to reduce the number of printers on campus. However, such considerations should be taken into account to understand whether a departmental printer can be reasonably used. Also, when a printer is purchased, a cost-effective standard printer should be chosen (as opposed to an inkjet printer).

  9. I print a lot of confidential documents. It’s not a good idea for me to print on a departmental copier or printer. I have to have an office printer, right?
    Instead of purchasing an individual printer for this purpose, we suggest using a printing code. OIT can help you to establish a code that can be used when you print confidential documents. Using this method, when you send a document to print, it will remain in queue until you arrive at the printer, select the document to print, and enter the code. With only a few key strokes, you can save cost and resources and also maintain the confidentiality you need.

  10. I print on letterhead or other special paper or forms. How can I print to a departmental printer when I have this situation?
    The printer code mentioned above for confidential documents works here, too. You can send a document to print, arrive at the printer, load the paper as you normally would on any other printer, select your print job, enter the code, and your job will print on the special paper you’ve loaded.

  11. I have special jobs, some of which must print on an ink jet printer. How should I handle that?
    As with any standard, exceptions are possible. If resources offered centrally by the Multimedia Design and Research Printing Services group, or the print/copy center in HMSU cannot serve your needs effectively, the procedures should be followed to request and get approval to purchase a non-standard printer for your special-purpose needs.

  12. If I have to print to the departmental copier or printer, what happens when that machine is down?
    Ricoh copiers and printers have a very high uptime (99.6%). Response time for printer problems is about 3.5 hours. In the event of a situation where printed material is needed urgently when a copier/printer is down, materials can be saved or sent by e-mail to someone who can print for you.

  13. Is this related to the Indiana State Strategic Plan?
    Yes, this effort is related to the sustainability efforts that are a part of Unbounded Possibilities.

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