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Guide to File Storage (H: and L: Drives)

Why is it important to use the H: (Home Directory)
and L: (Department Share) Network File Storage resources?

Staff and Faculty at ISU are strongly encouraged to utilize Network File Storage resources supported by Indiana State University's Office of Information Technology (OIT). Using the Network Files Storage mapped to your computer's H: and L: storage locations protects the security, integrity, and availability of the data and files used for work related productivity and tasks.

While it is common practice to save things locally on your computer’s desktop or ‘My Documents’ directory for convenience, any ISU work files that would be painstaking to recreate should be kept in the H: and L: Network File storage for long term storage. OIT does not support the backup and restoration of data on desktop and laptop hard-drives (local storage), but the integrity and availability of University data stored in the Network File Storage locations is supported via the daily backups performed by OIT. This provides the capability of a data restore in the event that files are accidentally moved, deleted, or altered, and reduces the risk of a user losing data via the failure of a workstation. If this happens, then you can login to another ISU computer to access your data on the mapped H: and L: Network Storage locations.

Sites like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive are not suitable for the security of private data such as student personal information, grades, or other institutional data; as the University does not have a contractual expectation of privacy with those services. ISU’s Network File storage locations are a secure storage solution for ISU data.

So what is the difference between the H: and L: Network Storage locations?

* H Drive = storage of personal work files (similar to My Documents)

* L Drive = shared departmental files

The H: Drive is for your own personal ISU work files. This should be used like the traditional “My Documents” directory on your computer.

The L: Drive is a little different. Everyone in your department shares access to the same Network Storage locations in that directory that you do, and it is used for files that others in your area will also need to access to perform their job duties. However, you may not be able to see folders that someone else in your area can see, and they may not be able to see the folders that you are using to keep your departmental files. This is a feature that allows specific users to share data on as needed basis while maintaining the security of ISU data. Each departmental Network Storage location is unique, so coordinate with your unit’s technical lead for an explanation of where you should be keeping your shared files. If you feel you do not have access the departmental folders you should, use the links below to submit a ticket for access. OIT will need the owner of that folder (or your supervisor) to provide permission before your access will be granted.

How do I connect to Network File Storage folders?

Image of Windows 10 explorer view showing the "H" and "L" drives

Your H: and L: Network Storage locations are easily found in Windows File Explorer. After you have authenticated to your ISU workstation using the ISU network (meaning you logged into your computer while on-campus), both drives should automatically appear in the “Network Locations Folder” shown in the above example. If you are not connected to the ISU network (meaning you are working from off-campus), you will need to perform an additional step in order to access these drives from off-campus. Find instructions here:

If you have authenticated and are using the ISU network, but the drives are still not appearing, scroll down to the Troubleshooting section on this page before calling the Technology Support Center for assistance.


If you have authenticated to your computer and are connected to the ISU network, here is a simple method for reconnecting the network file storage drives on your computer.

If your computer is running Windows 7 do the following:

Image of qwerty keyboard "Ctrl", "Windows" and "Alt" keys.


If your computer is running Windows 8 through 10 simply hit the “Windows Key”

Now type “Login script” without the quotes. Select “run login script”.

This should refresh any network device connection. If this does not correct the issue, please contact the Technology Support Center or talk with your OIT Consultant.

Helpful Links

Request a New Departmental File Storage Folder

Modify a Departmental File Storage Folder form

How to Access the H: and L: Drives from MyISU

For more information on how to access your network storage from on and off campus, visit:

ISU’s Data Security Policy

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns involving the H: and L: Network Storage locations, then ask your unit technical lead, an OIT consultant, or call the Technology Support Center at x2910 and they will be glad to answer any questions.

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