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Computer Hardware Repair FAQ

Why did ISU bring hardware repair in-house?
In conjunction with Purchasing, OIT performed a review of the types and numbers of repairs to computer hardware and determined that almost all repairs could easily be performed in-house at a lower cost to the institution. A major benefit of this move is that it also provides significant experiential learning opportunities to Indiana State University students.

Why do I need to know this?
Although this does not affect computer repairs, it is important that you be aware of some of the important changes to repair of printers and fileservers.

What will happen when I call the OIT Technology Support Center to request a repair?
When you call the OIT Technology Support Center (x2910) they will ask you for your contact information and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. OIT personnel will be dispatched to troubleshoot and determine what type of repair is needed. If it turns out to be a hardware issue, the Technololgy Support Center (TSC) will handle the repair.

What changes can staff and faculty expect?
There are two changes that may impact staff and faculty:

  1. IT will no longer perform hardware repairs on printers. Note: Support for leased Ricoh printers will not change; these will still be supported by Ricoh.

    OIT will respond to printer issues and provide basic troubleshooting and help, but if it is determined that the printer has a hardware failure the department will be responsible for contacting the printer manufacturer and arranging and paying for service.

    OIT will verify that you are able to print to a nearby leased departmental printer.

  2. Servers will no longer be repaired by OIT.

    OIT recommends contacting the manufacturer or an ISU-approved third party service provider. OIT will assist in providing names of service providers.

What about other devices attached to my computer?
OIT will repair monitors, keyboards, mice and docking stations. Desktop printers will no longer be repaired.
Note: Support for leased Ricoh printers will not change; these will still be supported by Ricoh.

What do I do if my printer cannot be repaired?
If it is still under warranty you should contact the manufacturer and arrange for service. This can be done by contacting the company where you purchased it. They will provide information about how to arrange for service.

If it is not under warranty you can still decide to have it fixed, but the cost to repair should be compared to the cost of disposing of the printer and printing to a departmental printer, having the unit repaired by an authorized service provider or purchasing a new printer.

You should check if there is a departmental printer that you can use and switch to it. This is the least expensive solution and will reduce overall costs.

Why does OIT not repair personal or desktop printers?
OIT is not authorized to repair printers. Many printers are considered disposable so that if a printer fails due to a hardware issue the manufacturer states it is not repairable. It is also a matter of whether it economical to repair a printer that is no longer under warranty. If it costs 50% of the original purchase price to repair a three year old printer it is not good use of University funds to repair it. It is also less expensive to print to a leased Ricoh departmental printer than either repairing or replacing the printer.

Why are Macs not covered by OIT if I accidentally break it (drop it, spill something in it, etc.)?
The Apple warranty does not cover accidental damage and it is not offered as an option by Apple. Macs that do incur this type of damage will require the department or College to repair or replace the unit at their cost.

What do I do if my departmental server needs hardware repair?
You should contact the company you purchased the server from and ask for service.

What if I want to purchase a departmental server?
TSC cannot repair servers, therefore all server purchases should be purchased with a maintenance agreement. If the vendor does not offer maintenance, the Director of TIS can provide some guidance on recommended service vendors and processes. Please call the OIT Technology Support Center (x2910) to request a consultation.

In all circumstances you should arrange to purchase a separate service contract from the manufacturer or a manufacturer approved third party service provider for repair of a departmental server.

Why does OIT not repair departmental servers?
OIT is not authorized to repair servers and in most cases cannot offer the service level needed when a departmental server goes down.

Will you provide loaners if my computer is going to be out for repair for an extended period of time?
Yes, but it will be dependent on availability of spare units. Our service level agreement will be to make repairs to a computer 48 hours after our first office visit.

How can I determine if my ISU computer is supported by OIT?
OIT examines some basic criteria that are used in making a determination of whether a machine can or should be repaired:

  • The nature and extent of the needed repairs (major vs. minor)
  • The age of the computer (5 years or older?)
  • The application or purpose of the computer (Why is it needed?)
  • Required compatibility with legacy hardware (ex: legacy interface to other equipment)
  • Other special performance requirements

Are there charges for repairs from OIT?

  • For computers in warranty, there is normally no charge for repairs. Exceptions to this would be damage caused by abuse or liquid spills. Apple Computer does not provide any accidental damage warranty for repairs that involve drops, spills or other forms of accidental damage, so there will be a charge for repair or replacement, billable to the user’s department or College.
  • For computers out of warranty, OIT will perform “best effort” repairs using existing spare parts. Depending on the circumstances, there may be charges for unique or out-of-stock parts, or OIT may find repair costs to be prohibitively expensive (exceeding $100.00) and recommend replacing the bad computer with a working machine from OIT Surplus stock.
  • Printers are not repaired by OIT. If a department calls the manufacturer or an authorized service provider it is possible that the department could incur cost from the service provider, but not OIT.
  • Servers are not repaired by OIT. If a department calls the manufacturer or an authorized service provider it is possible that the department could incur cost from the service provider, but not OIT.



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