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Frequently Asked Questions - University Email

1. What are the important dates for the switch to the new email system?
        a. May 15 – New email system available for use.
        b. June 30, 2011 – Old email system is no longer official email for ISU students.
        c. December 31, 2011 – Old email system is turned off and all data/email deleted.

2. Why was May 15, 2011 selected as the date to move to University email?
This date is between terms and will allow students time to become familiar with the new email system prior to the start of classes in Fall 2011.

3. Is there functionality in my new University email account similar to the current email system?
Yes. Your new account will allow you perform the same functions as you are currently using including many new and improved features.

4. What new functionality will I have in my new University email account?
It has all the basic e-mail functions as well as several advanced functions, such as an appointment scheduler, daily and weekly calendar, and an address book. It works similarly to your current Web-based e-mail you are using. Your University email account provides a feature rich experience in a browser and is great for use in your residence hall, a friend's house, or anywhere there is an Internet connection available. The University email system provides the following features:

        • 10 GB of email storage space
        • Smart-phone Access (through Exchange Active Sync)
        • 7 GB of storage space available via SkyDrive
        • Use Office products even if they are not installed on your computer (Office 365)
        • Ability to connect the Outlook client to your account
        • Instant messaging integrated into the client
        • Integrated blog

5. How will I know what my new email address will be?
Your new email address will be in the format of You may also contact the Technology Support Center (x2910) or stop by the CSC if you need assistance.

6. Will I retain my current email address?

7. When should I change to my new University Email account?
You should start using your new email account as soon as it becomes available. This new email account provides more space and functionality than your old account.

8. How will I access my new email account?
       a. By using a web browser and logging directly into
       b. Through the University portal by logging in and clicking on the University Email icon in the upper
           right hand section of the Home tab
       c. Web enabled mobile device (see question, “How do I access my University email account
           through my smart-phone?”).

9. Can I access my new University Email account without going through the University portal?
Yes. See examples in question 8.

10. How do I access my new University Email account through my smart-phone?
Students using mobile devices that want or need integrated access to their University email will need to use/select a mobile device or smart phone that supports POP3. Because the selection of a smart phone and/or carrier (vendor) is very subjective and highly dependent on personal preference, ISU is not able to make product or vendor recommendations. Likewise, the large number of phone alternatives also substantially limits the support that can be provided. If you feel you need assistance with configuring your phone (setup) to access your University email account (although many will probably do that themselves) you should print the information below and give it to the phone vendor’s technical support personnel – with that information, they will be able to quickly configure the phone to get you going.

       Email Address:

       POP setting
       Port: 995
       Encryption method: SSL

       IMAP setting

       Port: 993
       Encryption method: SSL

       SMTP setting
       Port: 587
       Encryption method: TLS

If you are trying to configure an iPhone/iPad check out the step-by-step instructions here.
If you are trying to configure an Android device check out the step-by-step instructions here.
For other devices, check this LINK for instructions for your particular phone type.

11. When will the University begin using my new email to send official electronic correspondence?
All e-mail communications that originate from an ISU department (faculty, deans office, Office of Student Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar, Controllers Office, etc.) is sent to your official ISU email address. Beginning June 30, 2011 it will be sent to your new University email account.

12. Can I move my address books over to my new University Email account?
Address book information cannot be moved. The best way to keep your address book information is to email the address book contents to your new University email account.

13. Can I migrate my calendar over to my new University Email account?
No. You will have to reenter them on the new calendar.

14. How do I migrate the email from my old email account to my University Email account?
Students will be given the opportunity to migrate their email and data over by using a feature within their University email account that will be available on May 15, 2011. Students can move their email to their new University Email account by performing the following:
        1) Log into your University account and click on “Options”
        2) In the box “Connected Accounts” click “New”
        3) Enter your current email address ( and your Portal
        4) University Email will search for the account and will connect to the account
        5) Once the account is connected University Email will migrate all the emails to your new
            University Email account

You can do this for any email account you have, including personal accounts through Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

15. What will happen to mail sent to the old email address after June 30, 2011?
The account will continue to receive email normally until December 31, 2011.  All mail received after June 1st, 2011, is also being forwarded to the new University email account until December 31, 2011.

16. Will the mailing lists that I subscribe to still work properly after June 30, 2011 when I am on University Email?
Yes, however, you will need to unsubscribe to all lists prior to December 31st, when your old email account will be permanently deleted.

17. Will the groups I have in my current email account move over to my new University Email account?
No. You will need to send yourself these groups in an email and then cut and paste them to create your new groups in your University email account.

18. How will I access my old email account after June 30, 2011?
You will access your old account by selecting the “old student email” link on the University Portal.

19. Can I use my new email address before the conversion?
No. The address will not be active until May 15, 2011.

20. Will I still be able to access my old email account after December 31, 2011 at 5:00pm?
No. The old email and data will be deleted and the system turned off.

21. Where can I find help about my new University Email account?
Once you have logged in to your new University Email account additional help can be found under “?” next to the “Find Someone” box on the site or by contacting the Technology Support Center at x2910 or visiting the Computer Support Center located in the Student Computing Complex.

22. Why is ISU going to a new email system?
The move to University Email was made to provide a much more feature rich student email system and to reduce costs. Your University email account will provide several new features that were not available in the old email system. Please see, “What new functionality will I have in my new University email account?” for additional information.

23. Why was Microsoft WindowsLive (University Email) chosen as the new student email system?
WindowsLive was chosen for its feature rich environment, accessibility and cost.

24. Why should I always change my password for my University Email on the University portal?
Changing it on the University portal will synchronize to your University Email account.

25. Can my password contain my username?
No. You cannot include your username as part of your password.

26. Will I get two email addresses if I am an employee and a student?
Yes. Please remember that you should keep your ISU employee related email separate from your student related email. It is against ISU policy to forward your University employee email to an external email account. You should also not forward your University Email account to your ISU Exchange account. If you leave the University you will not be able to keep your ISU Exchange account and you would lose your student related email.

27. If I am an employee or faculty member and not a student can I get a University Email account?
No. A faculty member or employee should only be using the ISU Exchange system for ISU related business. University Email is only for student related email.

28. What browsers/versions are supported?
The following browsers and version are currently supported:
        • Internet Explorer 8, IE 7, and IE 6 for Windows 7 / Vista / XP
        • Mozilla Firefox version 3 and later (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
        • Google Chrome
        • Apple Safari version 4 and later

For more information visit here.

29. Are other Languages supported?
Windows Live speaks a number of languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

For more information visit here.

30. Will the new University Email addresses automatically be listed in the Outlook address book used by faculty / staff?
Yes. The new addresses are listed in the campus (Exchange/Outlook) address book. Student addresses can also be obtained via the find people link on the main web page.

31. Will previous alumni email addresses ( be changed to the new format or remain the same?
Current alumni email addresses use the format of and will not be changed. Future alumni will keep their forever.

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