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  Classroom & Event Technology Support

Audio/Visual Equipment Checkout for Student Organizations
Classroom and Event Technology Support (CETS) offers a free, but limited, Audio/Visual checkout service for non-revenue generating student organization events on and off campus.

Click here for a list of Current Rental Rates for Non-University or Revenue-Generating Events.

Sound Systems:
All equipment checkouts for sound systems require at least a (5) five business day notice and faculty/staff sponsor approval.  

Projectors/portable screens:

Projector checkouts require at least a (1) one business day notice and faculty/staff sponsor approval.  

"If a student organization would like to check out equipment, please have the faculty/staff sponsor, via their university email account, email answering the following questions:"

  • Which campus organization do you represent?
  • When and where the event will take place; the purpose of the event?
  • Is there any revenue being generated e.g. is there an admittance fee?
  • Who specifically will be checking out and returning the equipment?

Note: The individual sponsor’s University Username card must not be beyond expiration and clearly state “Staff” or “Faculty” to qualify.
Once the checkout has been approved, please stop by Parsons Hall 004 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm) to fill out necessary paperwork.  

Classroom and Event Technology Support offers basic operational training during student group checkouts, but cannot staff these events. It is the responsibility of the student organization checking out the equipment to provide its own technician.
Equipment should be returned on or before the due date, in operational order. Sound equipment is checked out in a self-contained way and should never be used as part of another larger sound system:  Do not plug different speakers, mixers, or amplifiers into any of the equipment provided during checkout, as this carries a very tangible risk of damaging equipment. Do not expose equipment to rain, snow, or other environmental hazards which pose risk to electronics and audio/visual technologies.
Always use a surge protector and never plug equipment in an ungrounded outlet. This carries not only a risk to the equipment, but also the risk of electrical shock.

If the equipment is going to be used in spaces which already have equipment, such the Hulman Memorial Student Union, please ensure during reservation that the events staff have approved of it.
Audio/Visual Equipment Checkout/Setup for University Departments
Classroom & Event Technology Support will checkout and or setup equipment for campus departments in many cases. Please send inquiries to
NOTE:  CETS cannot setup equipment off-campus, but in some circumstances can check out a system for departmental use.
Scope/Extent of Services
As a rule of thumb, CETS can typically check out or set up the following:

  • Small, portable sound systems with 2 speakers, ipod hookup, microphone
  • 5‘ or 7’ portable tripod screen (front projection), projector
  • Projector only

CETS does not do video recordings.
CETS cannot checkout large screens or more than 4 speakers per any event due to a limited supply.  It is for this reason that we encourage event coordinators to contact us as early as possible so that we can ensure the equipment can be reserved.

Audio equipment from CETS is intended for non-revenue generating academic or presentation needs, and as such, is not particularly suitable for live bands.  If a sound system is needed to play music in a venue, then we highly recommend that the department consult an outside source.

CETS does not provide 120v power beyond 50 feet with a 14 gauge extension cord as our typical system draws enough power to safely handle this on a typical 15 amp circuit.  Additionally, all sound equipment should be dedicated to a single circuit (Do not share other electronics with this line). If additional power is needed, please consult the University Electricians in Facilities Management @ x8100 to query or request an appropriate setup.

Finally, for student groups, the user of the equipment and faculty/staff sponsor assumes all responsibility for operating outside of acceptable boundaries.  If used appropriately, a campus sound system can make a great presentation or ambient music tool, but is not intended to replace or supplement live music or a DJ

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