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Standard for Mobile and Storage Device Security

The purpose of this policy is to establish an authorized method for controlling mobile computing and storage devices that contain or access information resources at the Indiana State University.

With advances in computer technology, mobile computing and storage devices have become useful tools to meet the needs at Indiana State University. These devices are especially susceptible to loss, theft, hacking, and the distribution of malicious software because they are easily portable and can be used anywhere. As mobile computing becomes more widely used, it is necessary to address security to protect information resources at Indiana State University.

Data is considered to be a University resource and as such, policies controlling the collection, use and dissemination of data are set by the University. ISU employees are expected to know the policies pertaining to data and to abide by their provisions. Access to data by ISU personnel is granted on a need to know basis consistent with their job function (ISU Handbook Section 932)

This standard applies to all faculty, staff, affiliates, and student-employees who choose to use a mobile computing device, regardless of who owns the device, to access institutional data.

Roles and Responsibilities
Users of mobile computing and storage devices must diligently protect such devices from loss of equipment and disclosure of private information belonging to or maintained by Indiana State University

The OIT Technology Support Center must be notified immediately upon detection of a security incident, especially when a mobile device may have been lost or stolen.

The Office of Information Technology Security Officer is responsible for the mobile device policy at Indiana State University and shall conduct a risk analysis to document safeguards for each device type to be used on the network or on equipment owned by Indiana State University.

Use of mobile devices to access, store, or manipulate critical information requires written approval from the senior executive of the unit involved or the Institutional Review Board confirming a critical business need, and encrypting the information on the device and in transit. Devices that do not support encryption must not be used to access, store, or manipulate critical information. Storage on mobile devices is only authorized as a short term measure. All potentially sensitive data must be stored on a centrally administered university storage server in order to comply with Section 932 of the University Handbook (Data Security Policy). The loss or theft of a mobile device must be reported to University Public Safety at 812-237-5555 within 24 hours of loss of the device. If a lost or stolen device is found, it also must be reported to Public Safety within 4 hours.

Handheld mobile device (i.e. Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.)

  1. Passcode/Passphrase required – minimum 4-character passcode using at least 2 unique characters, and auto lock after a maximum of 15 minutes of inactivity.
  2. Intrusion Prevention Required - Lockout after 10 incorrect attempts or increasing delay after incorrect attempts.
  3. Encryption recommended in all cases if supported by the device.
  4. Encryption required for all use involving critical information.
  5. Remote Wiping OIT will assist with remote wiping based on the circumstances of reported loss or theft.

Laptop/Notebook Computer

  1. Passcode/Passphrase Required – Passphrase meeting OIT requirements must be used when device boots and auto lock after a maximum of 15 minutes of unattended inactivity.
  2. Intrusion Prevention required – lockout after 25 incorrect attempts within 2 hrs.
  3. Full disk encryption required.

General Recommendations

  1. Keep your devices operating system and applications up to date.
  2. Disable Bluetooth completely if you do not use it or Bluetooth when not in use.
  3. Make sure to keep a recent backup of your device and its data. Loss or theft is the most likely problem you will encounter with a mobile device.
  4. Be smart about apps. Only download applications from trusted sources. Check available information regarding the app developer, not just the site or carrier where the app is available.
  5. Use secure wireless – Only connect to known and trusted Wi-Fi networks. An untrusted network could allow someone to observer your traffic or even gain access to your device.
  6. Use a Device Location Service. Many devices have device location services (e.g. Find My iPhone, Where’s my Droid, Blackberry Protect) that include the ability to find, remotely wipe, make a sound to help you find it or display a message on the screen to anyone who finds the device.
  7. Keep identifying information about the device such as the make, model, and serial number, MAC address in a separate location to provide to the authorities in the event that the device is lost or stolen.

Standard for Mobile Device Support

Support – Tablets and Smart Phones

  1. Basic setup of devices for campus use (e.g. wireless network access, University email access) will be performed by OIT to the best of our ability on devices running iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.
  2. OIT will not support individual applications (“apps”).
  3. OIT will not perform hardware repairs for tablets or smart phones. Information about repair services and accidental damage protection for institutionally-owned tablets will be provided to users for their assistance at purchase, or when damage occurs.

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