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RSA Token Setup Instructions

1. Access the system from your Windows system by going to All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection

2. Computer to connect to is:

3. Click Connect. If you are prompted for a username and password before the Remote Desktop window opens, enter your University Username name and leave the password field blank.

4. The "User name:" field should contain your University Username username and the "Passcode:" is the number that appears on the RSA SecureID token that was given to you. The "Log on to:" field should say ISUAD. Click the OK button.

5. Select "I will create my own PIN" and enter a PIN number that is 6 to 8 numbers long in both the "PIN:" and "Confirm PIN:" fields and click the OK button.

6. Following the instructions on the dialog box that pops up, wait until the number on the RSA SecureID token changes and then click the OK button.

7. You will be back at the main login screen. In the "Passcode:" field, enter the PIN number that you have created along with the new number that is on the RSA SecureID token. (i.e. if the PIN you created was 079685 and your RSA SecureID token has the number 218599 on it, you would enter 079685218599 in the "Passcode:" field.)

8. You will then enter your Network password. This should be the same as your Novell Password.

9. You will need to click the OK button on the "Indiana State University - LEGAL NOTICE" dialog box.

10. Select the "Banner Forms" Internet Shortcut that is on the desktop.

11. You can select the checkbox for "Always trust content from this publisher" and then click the Run button.

12. You are now ready to sign in to Banner like normal.

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