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OIT News

Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra security vulnerability

What is happening?

A security vulnerability has been discovered within the latest release of Apple’s Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra. This vulnerability allows an attacker the ability to bypass administrator authentication without supplying the administrator’s password.

Who is impacted?

Any Apple device running Mac OS version 10.13 High Sierra and later. You can determine which Mac OS version you are running by opening “About This Mac”. “About This Mac” is located in the apple menu in the corner of your screen. The version of your mac operating system appears beneath “macOS” or “OS X” in the window that opens.

How does this impact me?

If you are running Mac OS version 10.13 or later you need to run a system update from the App Store on you system to get the latest security update to address the vulnerability. The update will show up as “Security Update 2017-001” in the App Stores Updates tab. Once the update has been installed you can verify the patch has been installed by checking the build number located in About this Mac. “About This Mac” is located in the apple menu in the corner of your screen. The version of your mac operating system appears beneath “macOS” or “OS X” in the window that opens. To view the build number click the version number and the build number will appear next to the version. The patched build will display as “Version 10.13.1 Build (17B1002)”.

What do I do if I have questions or problems?

Contact the Technology Support Center @ 812-237-2910 if you require more information or assistance.Upcoming

Enhancement to MyISU Portal Security on November 20, 2017.

What is happening?

Beginning on November 20, 2017, ISU faculty and staff will have to complete an additional step when logging in to the MyISU portal.  This is in order to enhance our portal security, after recent phishing attacks.

The step will be added after you have entered your ID and password when logging in to the MyISU portal.  In this additional step, you will be required to select an image (a photograph) from a grid of images.  This additional step is sort of like another password.    This security technique is called “multi-factor authentication,” because you have to use two different “factors” (a password, and an image) to confirm to the system that the right person is logging in with your ID.

Who is affected by this change?

All ISU employees who log in to the MyISU portal are affected by this change. 

How will this work?

There are two steps:  (1) setting up the images that are “yours,” and (2) selecting “your” image each time you log in to the MyISU portal.  Information about each step is provided below.

Setting up “your” images

  1. On November 20, 2017, OIT will enable your MyISU account for image based multi-factor authentication (MFA).  The first time you attempt to access the portal after the change is made, you will be asked to set up your security images in an easy, two-step process:  choose your images, and save them.
  2. The images will be in categories, and the system will walk you through the process.  You will choose a total of three images, in a combination of categories that will be explained on the screen.  Categories are things like cats, trees, and flowers.
    • Important:  Make sure you choose images that you will easily remember!  As you choose an image, think for an extra second or two about why you are choosing that image.  That may help you to remember your particular image when you are looking at a bunch of other, similar images when you log in to the portal.
  3. Save your choices.

Selecting “your” image when you log in to the portal each time

  1. The next time you log in, after you key in your password and press enter, you will be asked to select the correct image (one of the images you chose) from a grid of 20 images.
  2. You will have six (6) tries to select the correct image.  If you choose incorrect images six (6) times, your account will be locked and you will have to call the Technology Support Center to reset your account.
  3. Recommendations:
    1. As stated above, think carefully about why you are selecting a particular image when you choose your three images
    2. Contact the Technology Support Center if you forget your images after four (4) incorrect tries so the TSS can reset your images before you are locked out of the portal completely.

When will this happen?

As stated above, this new security method will be activated on November 1.  On or after that day, when you log in to the MyISU portal, you will go through the “Setting Up Your Images” process described above.

Why are we doing this?

As you are probably aware, our environment for security continues to grow more challenging on what seems like a daily basis.   OIT is actively working on improvements to our defense-in-depth strategy.  This new security method would likely have prevented security incidents that have been experienced recently.  It is probably similar to security processes you are experiencing for your online banking and other accounts.  This change has been reviewed and approved by OIT’s administrative and academic advisory committees. 

What if I have questions? 

For more information, please call the Technology Support Center at 2910.

IT Plan Now Available for Viewing

OIT completed its 2016/17 planning efforts with the publication of our plan.  The link below to our presentation outlines the foundations of the plan and provides a view of goals and initiatives.  OIT has also developed a timeline for major initiatives.  This timeline will be updated periodically for current status of projects.

View or download our IT plan here.

ISU-GUEST will be Replaced with ISU-OPEN for a Better Experience

On November 6, 2017 the ISU-GUEST wireless network will be discontinued. ISU-OPEN wireless network for guests was enabled several weeks ago to replace the outdated ISU-GUEST wireless network. Below are instructions on how to log on to ISU-OPEN.

ISU-OPEN Log On Instructions:

  1. Find ISU-OPEN on the list of Wireless Networks. Look in the Wireless Network Options section of your device or computer.
  2. Select it and wait for a dialogue box to open. If a dialogue box does not appear, you may need to open a browser to prompt it.
  3. Fill in the Username and Password Section.
  4. If you do not have a Username and Password, proceed to the “Don’t Have an Account?” link at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts.
  5. Look for the “Successful Login Page.”

You are now connected to the ISU-OPEN Network. Your information will be stored for 5 days without the need to re-enter your credentials.

Carefully read the acceptable use policy when you log in. YOUR TRAFFIC IS NOT BEING ENCRYPTED!
For assistance please call the Technology Support Center at 812-237-2910.

Office365 Mailbox Merge FAQ Now Available

The following text is an excerpt from our knowledge base FAQ article on this topic. The link at the bottom of this article will take you to the full article.

Office 365 (O365) is a cloud-based environment that will replace our on-campus Exchange/Outlook environment for faculty/staff email.  Office 365 also provides access to Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and other productivity tools.  Our student email already runs in this environment.

Who is affected by the O365 mailbox merge?

Note: only users who have both an @indstate.edu address and an @sycamores.indstate.edu addresses are affected by the mailbox merge process.

  1. All individual accounts that currently run in our on-campus Microsoft Exchange environment will be migrated to O365.  This includes faculty, staff, University Affiliates, and retirees.  Student employees with @indstate.edu accounts will be handled differently (see Merge section below).   
  2. Students are already on O365 and are not affected.

>click here to go to the full FAQ on this subject<