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MyISU Cloud is a secure, single sign on product that went into service at the university in January, 2013. MyISU Cloud is a customizable graphic dashboard, where, once logged in, users can select from available products and services and get instant access without having to login again. It is supported in multiple browsers and operating systems.

Several products are currently available to users through MyISU Cloud, such as: Sycamores E-mail, Exchange E-mail, and MyISU, with more coming on line monthly. New services will be added as testing proves that OIT can ensure that user experience is not adversely affected. Users can add some third party web applications, including social media services.

MyISU Cloud is available on and off campus, on PC’s and Macs. Most applications are available to users from both locations.

My ISU Cloud FAQ's
Q Will I need a new username and password?
A No. MyISU Cloud is designed to work with your existing University Username.
Q I have been to the application rollout list and don’t see one that I use a lot? Can I get it added to the list?
A Possibly. OIT is currently working to get enterprise solutions integrated into MyISU Cloud. Other applications may be added at a later time. Contact the Technology Support Center at ext. 2910 or email at
Q What browsers work with MyISU Cloud?
A Internet Explorer (version 9 and 10), Firefox, and Google Chrome. Each one of these browsers have issues that you need to be aware of. See the Troubleshooting link above.
Q What is the timeout on MyISU Cloud?
A The current session timeout is 30 minutes. After 15 minutes of being idle, the session is locked. Applications that open in a new window outside of Stoneware will have longer timeouts. To ensure that your account is not compromised, please remember to lock your computer while you are not actively using MyISU Cloud.
Q What will the message be if my session times out?
A If you get a ”Locked Session” message, or a blank window and the application does not load, most likely the session has timed out and you will need to log out and log back in.
Q Where can I submit comments or suggestions about MyISU Cloud?
A Contact the Technology Support Center at ext. 2910 or email at
Q Can I remove badges from my Applications Desktop??
A You can only remove applications that you have added, such as those available in the Lenovo Cloud desktop. All others are system default and cannot be removed.
Q What browser should I use if I run Windows 8 on my PC?
A Use Firefox or Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.
Q How do I move a tile within MyISU Cloud?
A Click and hold the tile for 2 seconds and then select “Move Tile.” Click and drag the application tile to the desired location.
Q How do I add an application to my list of favorites?
A Click and hold the tile for 2 seconds and then select “Add to Favorites.” You may need to refresh the page to see the change applied.
Q How do I change the default menu that displays after logging in?
A After logging in to MyISU Cloud, click the Settings icon at the bottom (gear symbol) then select “Default Menu” on the left side menu. Click the menu item in the list that you wish to be displayed immediately after logging in.

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