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Using the OIT Technology Support Center Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal provides a window into the Parature tool used by OIT to track service requests. You will have easy access to view your service requests (tickets); those that are currently open and your ticket history.  The Portal also provides a mechanism to search the OIT Knowledge Base to help you solve your own issues, as well as a way for you to directly submit requests for help or information through the web.  Below you will find some basic usage instructions on how to view your tickets, how to submit a new ticket and some tips/tricks to get the most out of the OIT Knowledge Base. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions. 

Connecting to the Self-Service Portal | Portal Mail Screen | Knowledge Base/Easy Answer | My Tickets | Submit a Ticket

Connecting to the Self-Service PortalHD badge new.jpg

The Self-Service Portal is available through ISU Secure Cloud Access (  Log in normally to that site and the Helpdesk Self-Service badge will be available to you through the MyISU Apps tab. 

Clicking on the badge will launch the portal in a new browser window. 

NOTE:  On some browsers the new window may launch without the navigation controls.  If the browser you’re using behaves this way you can instead run the product by right-clicking the badge and selecting “Open Link in New Tab”.  This will launch the Portal in your current browser and retain the navigation bar. 

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Portal Main Screen

The first screen you will see after authenticating is the OIT Technology Support Center main page.  Here you will find links to the self-help tools such as Knowledge Base and Submit a ticket.  The Most Recent and Most Popular topics are pulled from KB articles based on creation date and traffic respectively.  KB Categories are visible to the right and can be accessed directly or by clicking the Knowledge Base link or by searching in the Search the OIT Knowledge Base box in the right-hand pane.   

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Knowledge Base/Easy Answer

Knowledge Base

The OIT Knowledge Base ( is now available online to provide information and assist you in resolving your own IT problems.  From the main KB page you will see a list of categories and popular articles in each.  In the right-hand pane you will see the full category list and also a search box (similar to the main Technology Support Center screen).  These tools will assist you when directly accessing the Knowledge Base. 









Easy Answer

To help guide you toward a solution in the Knowledge Base Parature provides a system called Easy Answer.  When submitting a ticket, Easy Answer will attempt to suggest Knowledge Base articles based on the drop-down selections you make and key-words entered into the Summary and Additional Details fields (the search triggers when the focus leaves those fields).  As you make selections, or type, the suggestions should begin appearing below the ticket entry fields.  Clicking the links will present you with the Knowledge Base article.  If the information presented helps you with your problem you can click the Found My Answer button to abort the ticket entry and return to the Technology Support Center page.  If you do not see an answer to your specific problem simply complete the ticket submission as normal and a technician will be notified. 

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My Tickets

Clicking a My Tickets link will take you to a page which will allow you to view your ticket history. 

Ticket List

  • Ticket #:  The tracking number used to reference that specific ticket in the system.  Clicking these numbers will open the full ticket and give you the option to Provide Additional Information or Close Ticket.

  • Date Created:  This is the date and time that the ticket was entered into the system.

  • Contact Information:  Building, Room, Phone are standard contact info fields.  These should match your current situation.

  • Service/Product:  This field contains the service or product with which you are having trouble.

  • Issue/Action:  The request or problem associated with the Service or Product listed previously.

  • Summary:  A short description of the problem entered at the time of ticket creation.

  • Status:  Shows the current status of the ticket.

    • Open:  The ticket has been submitted and assigned to a queue but not yet touched by a technician.

    • Work in Progress:  The ticket has been viewed by a technician.  An effort should be underway to contact the user and resolve the problem.

    • Solved:  The problem has been reported as fixed or hopeless and the ticket is being closed.

    • Closed:  A system status that takes the ticket out of the normal view modes within the client.  The problem should have been solved or declared hopeless.

  • Last Updated:  The date and time that someone last updated this ticket with information either by publishing a comment, performing an action or editing the ticket itself. 

  • Delete Ticket from View:  To the right of each ticket listed you will see this icon Clicking it will remove the ticket from your view permanently.  The ticket in the database will not otherwise be affected.

Know your Ticket Number?

If you know the specific ticket number for one you wish to see (assuming it’s not readily visible in the list below) you can enter it here and you will jump straight to the ticket details.  

Advanced Search

Clicking this link will take you to a set of controls for doing more detailed searches.  The option to search items which have been deleted from your view is available here.

Submit a Ticket

Clicking the Submit a Ticket link will take you to a page which will allow you to directly submit tickets for OIT through our tracking system.  See the Submit a Ticket section below for further details on how to use this tool.

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Submit a Ticket

The OIT Technology Support Center Self-Service Portal now provides you with the ability to directly submit tickets to OIT through our ticket tracking system Parature.  On the Submit a Ticket page ( you will see an intake screen similar to what is used by OIT when you contact the Technology Support Center.  Selecting the correct drop-down menus will help the system route your ticket to the right area within OIT.  Filling in the appropriate informational fields will help expedite a solution. 

To understand how to use this tool it is important to know that it was built around the idea of the Service/Product field containing all of the services and products OIT supports.  Category and Sub-Category are used to sub-divide the list of products and services into manageable chunks.  If you are having trouble finding a specific item you might try different category/sub-category combinations until you find the product for which you’re searching. .  Most common issues will be found under the “Desktop / Laptop” or “Network Services”.  Most software products are divided into two distinct groups:  Institutional Software (password required) like Banner, or Desktop Software (no password ) like Microsoft Office.

Note:  Fields other than those listed may come and go as you make different selections, this behavior is normal.  Once you have made your Service/Product and Issue/Action selections please fill out those fields as thoroughly as you can as the information may be vital to providing a timely solution. 

Ticket Description

The ticket description section is the heart of the intake process.  Here you will define for us the problem you are having (or the information you wish us to provide) and the means by which we can contact you for follow-up on your request.  Follow the guides below to get the most out of the system:

Building:  The building in which you’re having problems.

Room Number:  The room which contains the computer with which you are having problems.

Phone Numbers:  List the phone numbers at which you are most likely to be reached starting with your on-campus office phone.  If necessary include departmental contacts, cell and home numbers.

Role:   Choose the role under which you are requesting assistance, i.e.  Students should pick Student unless it’s for a campus job in which they are acting as Staff in which case they would choose Staff.  This selection will help to drive the routing of the final request.

Category:  This will be the top-level container for products and services. 

Sub-Category:  In conjunction with Category this is used to sub-divide the list of products and services. 

Service / Product:  This is the specific software, OS, component or system with which you’re having trouble.

Issue / Action:  The specific problem, request or question you have about the selected Service/Product.

Summary:  A short written description of the problem, question or request.  As focus leaves this field the Easy Answer system will attempt to match keywords in your description to OIT Knowledge Base articles.  Scroll down to view the suggestions.  See the Knowledge Base/Easy Answer section above for more details.

Additional Details:  Any more detail which you think may be helpful to the technician should go here.  As focus leaves this field the Easy Answer system will attempt to match keywords in your description to OIT Knowledge Base articles.  Scroll down to view the suggestions.  See the Easy Answer section below for more details.


Attach a File:  If necessary a file can be attached directly to the ticket.   Click the link, click Browse and select the file in question.

E-mail Notification: Check this box if you wish to be notified by e-mail when this ticket is updated.

Submit This Ticket 

Clicking the Submit This Ticket button will submit your ticket to the system.  If the fields were properly selected for the problem you are having the ticket will be routed directly to the queue of the group or person responsible for providing support.

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