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New Faculty

This page is designed to help new faculty members get started with technology here at ISU.

Your ISU IDs
   University ID: This is the number on your university ID, often referred to as your “991 number.”
   Portal ID: The portal (commonly referred to as “the portal” or “MyISU”) is the environment where you can access many different Web-based
                    resources, including:

                  - Student and course information (from Banner, which is our Student Information System)
                  - Your personal information (e.g. personnel and payroll information)
                  - Blackboard

You can access all of these resources with a single sign-on through the MyISU portal.

Your faculty status
OIT uses the following Academic Affairs designations:

                  - Tenured
                  - Tenure-Track
                  - Instructors (non-tenure track, multi-year contract)
                  - Lecturers (non-tenure track, part-time and full-time, one-year contract)

In a very few cases, your faculty status makes a difference in how we handle things. Where necessary, we have designated this in the list below.

Getting Tech Support
If you have problems with any or all of the steps below (or with any of the technology here at ISU), please don’t hesitate to call us or to submit a support ticket.

Now, let’s get started!

Initial Setup
These are the first steps that a new person on campus typically needs to follow to get access into our systems. The first link below (Activating your Portal ID) will take you to where you can begin this process. You will need the following information beforehand in order to activate your Portal ID:

                  - Your University ID(991 number)
                  - Last 4 digits of your social security number
                  - Date of birth

You may also want to visit the ISU Password policy link to familiarize yourself with password requirements.

  • Activating your Portal ID
  • ISU Password policy
  • Default accounts you receive

  • These are the accounts you have access to immediately after activating your Portal ID:
    • Email
    • Office Communicator - An instant messaging client. It can be downloaded here.
    • MyISU Cloud
    • Home drive (H Drive located in My Computer) - This is a network drive with 200 MB of storage you can access. This can be increased by request.

  • Telephone setup   (Tenure Track and Instructors)

  • If you are having issues with your phone or need assistance in getting it set up, please contact the Telco at x8000 or and they will address your needs as quickly as possible.

  • Computer Acquisition Process (Tenure Track and Instructors)

  • Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to the Indiana State University community! One of the many important tasks to complete before your arrival is the selection and ordering of the computer equipment you will be issued by the university. Please read the information below to assist your Department Chair in making the request so the equipment can be prepared and ready for you when you begin.

    The standard for a faculty workstation at ISU has been established as a Lenovo laptop (with a dock, keyboard, mouse and one monitor to provide the desktop experience) running a current ISU image based on the Windows 7 operating system. Specs for the current model (at the time of this writing) are listed below.

    This equipment has been selected to meet the needs of the vast majority of faculty and staff at ISU. There are recognized exceptions for certain extraordinary needs such as bigger storage capacity (for working with large data sets) or better graphics (for CAD applications) as well as recognized discipline-specific needs for Apple products (Art, Music and Communication).

    If the standard computer will meet your needs please notify your Department Chair so they can make the request on your behalf and OIT can prepare the machine for your arrival. If you believe you have a need for something other than the standard computer please discuss this with your Department Chair and OIT will work with you to determine the best fit.

    PC Specification (for most Faculty)
    Lenovo Thinkpad T440
    Processor Intel Corei5
    Memory 4 GB
    Hard Drive 128 GB Solid State Drive, Serial ATA3 (non SED)
    Integrated HD Webcam and Microphone Yes
    Screen Size 14.0" HD
    Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 4000 in processor
    Ethernet Port Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
    Wireless ThinkPad a/b/g/n Wireless Bluetooth Combo
    SD memory card slot external Integrated 4-in-1 reader (MMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC)
    Video Connection VGA, mini-DisplayPort (DVI on dock)
    USB Ports (2) USB 3.0
    Weight 4.0 lbs
    Warranty Three year warranty
    Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) Three year ADP warranty

    Mac Specification (for Faculty with a discipline-specific need for a Mac, e.g. Art, Music, Communication Faculty)

    NOTE: The specifications for the Apple MacBook Pro may vary from what is listed below because Apple does not provide a roadmap of their products.
    MacBook Pro
    Processor Intel Corei5
    Memory 4 GB
    Hard Drive 128 GB Solid State Drive
    Integrated HD Webcam and Microphone Yes
    Screen Size 13.3" Retina Display
    Graphics Card Intel Iris Graphics
    Ethernet Port Thunderbold to Ethernet
    Wireless 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking and Bluetooth
    SD memory card slot external SDXC Card Slot
    Video Connection Native Mini DisplayPort output
    USB Ports (2) USB 3.0
    Weight 3.46 lbs
    Warranty Three year warranty
    Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) Not Available

  • Computer Acquisition Process (Lecturers)
  • Single-year faculty will be provided with a laptop from the OIT Pool which will meet their instructional and research needs.

    The OIT Pool is the name given to the collection of machines which have been recovered from active service in the hands of faculty and staff but which still retain some measure of usability. As equipment ages out of our replacement standards (see Replacement Guidelines above) for faculty and staff those computers will be collected, cleaned and prepped for reuse. These machines will be used to fill computer needs, and maintain a level of technological currency, for those campus groups (student workers, adjuncts, retirees, educational affiliates etc.) who traditionally may not have been provided new equipment but who do a significant amount of work for ISU.

  • How to access your email

  • You can access your email account in two different ways:
    • Webmail - In any browser go to and enter your Portal ID and password.
    • Microsoft Outlook client - Your ISU issued computer can be configured to use Outlook to access your email. Contact the Technology Assistance Group at x2910 to get the process started.

  • Wireless access on campus

  • Getting wireless setup on your ISU issued machine you can do the following:
    • Contact the Technology Assistance Group at x2910 and we can send someone to your office to assist you.
    • If you want to try and set it up yourself you can go to and follow the instructions for your operating system.

  • Using mobile devices

Getting Started
The links below take you to information on technology resources here at ISU that you may need for your classroom and research activities. If you don’t see a service below, please don’t hesitate to call the Technology Assistance Group or submit a ticket to ask how or where we provide it!

  • ISU Computing and Web Policies
  • Help with Blackboard and other instructional tools
  • Reserving a classroom/lab
  • Off campus access to ISU resources
  • Animation
  • When words and static graphics aren't enough to illustrate complicated concepts, topics, or timelines, animation and 3D modeling can help. MDRPS offers several types of animation, including:

    • Time-lapse recording
    • Traditional (2D) Animation
    • 3D animation
    • Stereoscopic Animation

    Due to the time intensive nature of animation, MDRPS will request a consultation meeting with faculty to determine the needs, scope and timeline of the project.

  • Conference Posters
  • Conference presentations are a vital part of research for Faculty. To support this, MDRPS offers large format, conference poster design, printing and additional finishing like lamination and mounting to folding foam-core panels.

    Faculty Conference Posters
    There is no charge for faculty conference posters in most circumstances. We ask for two to three weeks of lead-time for posters requiring design and layout. For posters that only require printing we ask for a one-week lead-time and that the poster be print ready when submitted. A charge may be assessed for conference posters that require re-prints due to typo's, changes or damage.

    Faculty may submit many different formats for conference poster design. Typically, faculty will provide their condensed research in a Word document with supporting graphs and images. Image files can be submitted in any standard format (bmp, jpg, gif, tif, etc.). MDRPS does not accept Publisher documents.

    The current price list can be found here (link to PDF)
    Please read our proofreading statement (Link to HTML)

  • Desktop Applicstion Development
  • Desktop Application Development is available to faculty and is typically used for the control of hardware, extraction of data from hardware, or processing of collected data. We also develop programs to control Excel and Access, in order to process complex data sets for analysis and reporting.

  • Digital Illustration/3D Modeling
  • Digital illustration is offered to faculty to assist with the development of visual aids for the further and deeper explanation of concepts and data for instruction, research and grant support. MDRPS's digital illustrations have been used for publications, conference posters and use in learning environments.

    3D Modeling is similar in purpose to digital illustration, but ads dimension and interactivity. MDRPS can deliver 3D models in static image formats or interactive models for delivery via the web.

    Digital illustration and 3D modeling projects require significant resources and time management, all DI/3D projects require consultation with faculty and staff to help determine the and define project scope and acceptable timelines.

  • Graphic Course Banners (for use in Blackboard)
  • Graphic course banners assist Blackboard users with easy identification of the course they are accessing as well as presenting a more polished interface to the enrollees. Course banners are a graphic header for Blackboard courses and are done at no charge for ISU faculty.

  • Informational/Promotional Signage and Banners
  • Large format posters, signs, banner design and production services are available to faculty and staff for campus events, visiting speakers or messages for the campus community. Most posters, signs and banners are designed and produced "in-house" on our large format printers, some jobs requiring large quantities (more than 20) may require 3rd party printing, as such more lead time may be required. Poster, Sign and banner jobs may incur departmental charges.

    Typical examples and sizes and options:

    Posters/Indoor Signs:

    • 24" X 36", 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 16" x 20" & Custom Sizes Available
    • Printing on Satin or Gloss
    • Foam Core Mounting
    • Satin or Gloss Lamination

    Banners & Outdoor Signage

    • 18" x 24" Outdoor H-Stake Signs
      • Single or Double sided
      • Mounted to Corrugated PVC
      • Can be laminated for additional gloss & durability

    • Oversized, Reinforced Vinyl Outdoor Banners
      • Full Color Print
      • Single or Double Sided
      • Can be grommetted for hanging

  • High Performance/Parallel Computing & Large Dataset Storage
  • Computational science has emerged as a “third way” of doing research in addition to theory and experimentation. With the introduction of high performance computer systems, scientific research can use mathematical models that are too complex and too time consuming to be solved by a single computer. We develop codes for high performance computing applications, benchmark HPC systems, port open source scientific software, process large scientific data sets, and consultation for porting your application to HPC resources in national laboratories.

  • Scientific Simulation
  • While numerical simulation is extensively used in natural sciences and engineering research, social science may require the simulation of a specific phenomenon or activity. We develop both desktop applications and online applications for scientific simulation.

  • Video Recording and Streaming Services
  • If you are a faculty or staff member, we can record educational special events and/or guest speakers in your classroom or our studio. We record at 1080p. MDRPS also provides the ability to upload and host your video on a video on demand server, including embedding video into Blackboard for online course delivery.

  • Web Database Solutions
  • A web database is a system for storing and managing data on a server that can be accessed via a web browser. Web databases are particularly useful for the management and display of research and instructional information as well as collaboration between researchers. A database server hosts your database content robustly, securely and efficiently. The interactive web interface allows you to have controlled access to your data from wherever you want, In addition, a database server is able to handle millions of inquiries from the general public.

OR . . .check our knowledge base for information and help with many of your technology support questions:

Maintenance Activities
Now that you are ready to go, we realize that at some point you may have a problem or need to change something. Following are some links you may need in the future. These can also be found through our OIT Website, in the page we devote to technology support for faculty:

Other information you may need from time to time:

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