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How to Use Filr

How to utilize the features of Filr

Here are some features of Filr

  • Access network based files. These include your home or H: drive as well as your department shares, sometime called L: drive.
  • Share files or directories with coworkers as well individuals you may work with that are not members of ISU staff or faculty.
  • Comment on or follow comments of others concerning files or directories.
  • Access is via Web browser or mobile device when app is installed. Currently available on Android or IOS device.

To access Filr: Authenticate to the ISU portal at or by the means you prefer. Once authenticated, begin typing “filr”.

Select the Filr Badge, you will now be in Filr.

Above you can see there are several icons and options. Noted is location of both your individual files, My Files or Home Directory as well as Net Folders or Department shares. One important thing to remember is that My Files is the only location you can share from. So if you want to share a file from department shares you must first copy the file(s) to your Home Directory. This is done on your local computer file explorer or within Filr. This can be done by highlighting the file and selecting the “more” drop down. This will be covered below. Once the file is in your Home Directory it will be viewable in the My Files section of Filr.

There are several actions that can be made to files. Below highlight a few.

After highlighting or selecting a file by checking it you can select the drop down menu as noted. Here you will find several options:

  • Share – files can be shared to other ISU staff and faculty or to individuals outside of ISU employ. Details on sharing will follow.
  • View details – shows location, author, share or comment on file. Plus other option under the “more” tab. Note ability to edit currently requires Java be configured correctly by including in Java security tab, also you can download file by double clicking it, then edit and replace the file in some cases.
  • View HTML – allows viewing of the file selected.
  • View who has access
  • Rename file
  • Subscribe – here you can subscribe to a file, this enables you to receive email messages when modifications or comments are made.

Sharing a file.

There are a few ways to share a file, here is one of them.

Once name of internal ISU user is entered correctly you will be provided with sharing options. If sharing with external email address you must click the (+) icon.

Next select either viewer or edit rights.

It is important to set expiration on all shares. For security reasons shares without expiration set may be disabled by administrator.

The ability to send a message along with share information is available.

That is it, now the recipient of the shared file will receive an email notifying him or her of the item being shared. If the recipient is internal to ISU then one would simply select the link provided in the message which will open a browser at the Filr location. Here the individual would input their ISU portal credentials and the item will be made available. If however, the recipient is external to ISU, upon receiving the share message and selecting the link instructions will be provided on how to access the share. There are options to either to register with Filr or use OpenID with a Google or Yahoo account.

Moving or copying files in Filr.

Remember, you can only share items in Filr that are located in your My Files A.K.A Home directory. You can do this with your File explorer (windows) or other file management tool. Filr also has the ability to move or copy files.

Then perform the following and select “OK”.

Now while in Filr, go back to My Files. Once the file is in My Files you can share the item.

Adding file to Folder in Filr.

It is simple to add files from your desktop to a folder in Filr.

You will see image below. From here drag a file from your local computer and drop in the provided area. Also you can browse to and select a file to upload.

Note: drag and drop may be browser dependent.

Known Issues:

Editing files in place is Java reliant and does not always work. Currently requires Java be configured correctly by including in Java “exception Site List” under security tab of Java Console, also you can download file by double clicking it, then edit. See “Unable to upload files when using Internet Explorer:” below.

Other Filr options and documentation:

Working with files:

Subscribing to a Folder or File:

Filr on iPad and Android:

Filr App Location:


Files disappeared from Shared with Me or Shared by Me:

Unable to Edit Files:

Unable to upload files when using Internet Explorer:

Some browsers are not able to upload files. To correct this Java must be updated and configured as noted below. On your PC locate the “Java Console” and configure as noted below.

Now select “OK”

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