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Strategic Plan

OIT will being working on an IT strategic plan in spring 2013, with the assistance and input from a variety of customers and constituencies, and including review with key vendors and other institutions.

OIT is currently working on a number of projects aligned with the institutional strategic plan, as described below.

Goal 1: Increase Enrollment and Student Success

OIT Projects and Activities

  1. Implementation and upgrade of Constituent Relationship Management applications and functions in multiple areas on campus
  2. Participation in Strategic Enrollment Management data and tactical teams
  3. Ongoing design and implementation of the data warehouse and associated data collection, analysis and use
  4. Implementation of DegreeWorks, in particular to support the institution’s Four-Year Graduation Guarantee Program
  5. Identification and assessment of new technologies and procedures that support the University College and the Office of Student Success
  6. General coordination and communication of activities related to other applications (e.g. Blackboard, DegreeWorks) that support student success

Goal 2: Advance Experiential Learning

OIT Projects and Activities

  1. All OIT units employ students. We value their contribution to our operations, and we take very seriously our commitment to their professional development. OIT units typically have formal training programs for their student employees, along with student employment guides that speak to expectations for professional behavior and performance expectations that will form a solid foundation for our students as future employees of thsi or other organizations. We currently employ students in areas such as:
    • Student Laptop Support
    • Instructional Tools Support
    • Faculty and Staff Office Productivity Support (workstations, software)
    • Enterprise Technology Support Center
    • Printing and Graphical Design
    • Networking
    • Project management
    • Application Development (programming, technical writing) of Enterprise Systems and academic/research programs

  2. OIT actively engages with campus departments that educate students in IT-related areas, including Computer Science, Information Technology and Management Information Systems, speaking to classes about our operations, and identifying opportunities where students can participate with us in projects as part of class assignments or capstone projects. As a very complete and full-service IT operation, OIT offers a very accessible resource for both faculty and students in this regard.

Goal 3: Enhance Community Engagement

OIT Projects and Activities

  1. OIT manages a student team (Sycamore Technology Solutions) that provides direct IT support to United Way organizations in Terre Haute. Services provided include Web page design and delivery, and technical support for hardware and software. These services are provided free of charge to United Way organizations.

  2. OIT employees take active roles in institutional efforts towards community engagement. At a department level, OIT employees participate in a variety of efforts on campus, including:
    • Donation of gifts to children at the Ryves Center as part of our OIT holiday luncheon in 2012
    • Support of Special Olympics with audio services and a “game stop” for athletes and their families before the Saturday night movie
    • Participate in United Way activities

  3. OIT employees take part in a variety of community organizations and efforts, including Kiwanis and Habitat for Humanity, and events related to breast cancer awareness and research, Special Olympics, and lupus research.

Goal 4: Strengthen and Leverage Programs and Promise

OIT offers and provides IT planning and implementation support to the Unbounded Possibilities efforts.

Goal 5: Diversify Revenue: Philanthropy, Contracts and Grants

OIT Projects and Activities

  1. OIT participates in the identification, procurement and support of technology for research projects
  2. OIt offers printing, graphics and other services related to the communicatino of faculty research projects on campus and at conferenced
  3. OIT participates in research projects by developing programs, for example, to capture and analyze data, or to house and present information on the Web
  4. OIT offers and provides some training and support for the Qualtrics survey tool

Goal 6: Recruit and Retain Great Faculty and Staff

OIT Projects and Activities

  1. OIT is committed to hiring committed, talented, skilled, and caring staff, and promoting the professional development and success of those individual
  2. OIt strives to present a technology environment on campus that promotes the satisfaction and efforts of all faculty and staff
  3. OIT strives to identify and offer support for projects that identify and deploy technologies to assist in the recruitment and retention of great faculty and staff

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