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About OIT


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides technology-based solutions and services that support the academic, service, and administrative activities of Indiana State University (ISU). We partner with constituents in all areas to enable the efficient and effective use of campus resources, to promote innovation in research and teaching, and to foster the growth and success of our students.


OIT is the campus leader in identifying, implementing and supporting technologies, services and practices that support the strategic priorities and daily operations of ISU.


OIT Governance and Advisory Structure

It is the responsibility of the CIO (or the CIO’s delegate) to review major decisions with the senior leadership of impacted areas, and with senior administration and/or President’s Cabinet. These discussions provide the final guidance on enterprise initiatives and expenditures.

OIT also relies on several formal input and advisory mechanisms, as described below. These governing bodies provide valuable insight into desirable approaches, customer needs and probable reactions related to many operational, tactical and strategic areas. They also represent a driver for the broader, forward-leaning discussion of technology directions for Indiana State University

In addition to these formal committees and discussions, it is the intent and the practice of OIT personnel, from the CIO down, to operate in an environment where a variety of inputs and discussions are invited and welcomed, and their results are used to improve our efforts and services. The OIT staff is caring, talented, and professional in their planning and execution of our many services; however, given that our work impacts the daily success of almost every campus operation, we must be open to the assessment and input from others in everything that we do.

Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)

Sister Alma Anderson, Chairperson
The Information Technology Advisory Committee is made up of faculty and staff to provide consultation and advice to the Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Chief Information Officer. ITAC is the institutional advisory committee. As such its members consider and provide input regarding the activities of OIT generally, and also discuss specific decisions and recommendations produced by the other committees described below that address more specific areas of IT service and support.

ITAC members are intended to represent the needs of their constituents in these discussions, and to provide OIT with input from their constituents on the efficacy of existing OIT services. ITAC members are also asked to assist in providing guidance on how to communicate changes and actions planned by OIT, and to help OIT leadership understand the impact of a proposed change or action on OIT’s customer base.

ITAC meets three or four times during the academic year, as scheduled by the CIOs office, with electronic communications to handle interactions between meetings. Deans are asked annually to propose membership from the colleges, and ICSC is asked to name members to participate in ITAC.

Institutional Computing Steering Committee (ICSC)

April Hay, Chairperson

The Institutional Computing Steering Committee membership is composed of one or more members from each of the major offices supporting or using administrative systems. The purposes of the Institutional Computing Steering Committee are: to provide guidance for recommendations to higher administration relating to the direction of Institutional Computing at ISU; to seek group consensus for matters relating to Institutional Computing that affect multiple offices; to discuss and make recommendations to higher administration for priorities relating to Institutional Computing which affect multiple offices; and to be used as a vehicle to distribute information to the ISU community concerning matters relating to Institutional Computing members.

The committee chair is an elected position. The Committee meets at 8:15 a.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  The agenda for each meeting is distributed in advance. Members are asked to submit items be added to the agenda. Action items that are agreed upon are documented back to the committee.

ICSC is represented on ITAC for input and discussion related to our major administrative systems, and to IT policy and governance overall

Instructional Tools Advisory Committee

Kristie Bigler, Chairperson

The Instructional Tools Support advisory committee provide sguidance for OIT’s support of Blackboard and other instructional tools. The committee is made up of five faculty members, the Director of Distance Education, and the Blackboard system administrator attends as an ex-offico member.

In addition, the committee is supported by a Focus Group of over 30 faculty who represent all colleges.  The Focus Group are given the committee agenda in advance to provide feedback for the meeting.

The ITSAC meets monthly during the academic terms.

Student Technology Advisory Committee

Purpose of Committee
STAC was created to obtain input from student organizations pertaining to student technology at Indiana State University. This input will be used to help guide OIT’s decisions regarding technology on campus, identifying trends and issues, as well as budget planning. It is important to OIT and ISU to use student input to improve our services and to meet student needs both academically and personally. STAC is best described as a committee of committees. OIT meets with the leadership of the student organizations to gather input specifically related to their constituency and then shares that information with the other student organizations and with Indiana State University campus.

OIT meets with each student organization three times each during the fall and spring semesters. The meetings are used to share status of the previous year’s meetings, gather new input and provide updates.

All meeting notes and feedback will be posted to the STAC website.

The committee, in its current format, has been in existence since spring of 2014.

Current Membership
STAC is currently comprised of the following student organizations:

  • BSU (Black Student Union)
  • ISLC (International Student Leadership Committee)
  • RHA (Residence Hall Association)
  • SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee)
  • SGA (Student Government Association)

If you have questions about STAC, please contact Yancy Phillips ( or Mark Ford (

Meeting Notes

Campus IT Professional Meetings

Lisa Spence, Facilitator
These meetings occur monthly, and are an opportunity for OIT directors and managers to share information about current and upcoming OIT projects with other IT professionals on campus

These discussions also offer an opportunity for this group to share information on needs in their areas with OIT, and to raise concerns about service levels, current problems, approaches, or other items of operational or tactical importance. It is also an opportunity for IT professionals from all areas to talk about the larger environment for IT and where campus efforts need to be directed. IT professionals from all units are invited to attend.

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