baccalaureate Nursing Testing Program

ATI COMPREHENSIVE assessment AND review PROGRAM (carp) exams

ATI (CARP) FAQ’s and Policy

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ATI (CARP) Payment Information

CAMPUS STUDENTS - Payments must be made before midnight (Central time zone) on the Friday of the first full week of classes to avoid a late payment fee of $35.00.


Distance students - Payments must be made before Midnight (central time zone) on the date provided to you in your ATI Payment Package.  Payments received after that date will be assessed a $35.00 late fee.

ATI (CARP) Pricing Information

ATI (CARP) Review Modules

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ATI (CARP) Practice Assessments

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ATI (CARP) Tutorials

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ATI (CARP) Focused Review

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ATI (CARP) Schedule of Exams for On-Campus BS Students


B-Virtual Proctoring Policy for Distance Students pdf icon


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