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Indiana State welcomes highest-performing freshman class

August 28, 2018

Indiana State University is kicking off its fall semester with an incoming freshman class that boasts the highest average SAT and GPA scores in the university's recorded history -- while still serving a diverse population and maintaining a commitment to access to higher education.

"In addition to our ever-growing population of high-performing students, Indiana State is proud to have a history of serving every learner. We're also continuing to be proactive and serve every learner through every avenue possible," said Mike Licari, provost and vice president of academic affairs at Indiana State. "The continued growth of our online students and programs is a great example of that effort. We're also working with strengthening our partnerships with community colleges, such as with Ivy Tech, to boost our transfer population."

This fall also marks the first for the newly formed Honors College. The Board of Trustees voted in December to elevate the decade-strong and highly respected University Honors Program. Enrollment in the Honors College is at an all-time high of 1,059 students (331 freshmen).

The official fifth-day count for total enrollment is 13,045 Sycamores. The incoming freshman class is 2,402. In January, President Deborah Curtis announced the Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications would be restructured and moved under the Division of Academic Affairs.

"We're excited about the conversations and planning already underway as we align our academic resources and efforts with enrollment marketing and recruitment. We are also taking a more long-term approach to enrollment, focusing on four-to-five year trends instead of an annual target headcount," Curtis said. "These changes will further build upon the success Indiana State has had the past decade and ensure a future of prosperity for both our campus and the Wabash Valley community."

Other highlights of the 2018-19 student body include the following:

• 2,580 online students (1,709 undergraduate, 871 graduate).

• 815 students who transferred from another college or university.

• 2,094 students pursuing a graduate degree.

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