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Come together for Rock Camp 2016

July 8, 2016

The Community School of the Arts at Indiana State University is now accepting registrations for Rock Camp, a six-day, five-night residency program July 17-July 22.

"We take beginners -- you don't have to have any musical experience at all," said Crystal Myers, administrative assistant for Community School of the Arts. "If you play piano and you want to learn how to play guitar or drums, you are given that opportunity during this camp."

The camp is open to high school students or those who will start high school in the fall.

"It's a good social environment," Myers said. "A lot of kids come back, but it's nice to have a lot of new students, because they'll get to meet other students from Indianapolis and Evansville and all over. And they learn so much -- and have the opportunity to get to learn any instrument they want, it's there."

Not only is Rock Camp a musical and social experience, but also skills learned during the program may help students in other academic areas, such as sports.

"It's shown that with the arts, music or visual arts or theater, it helps you with your other skills such as math, that it helps you retain information, it's a lot of memory work," Myers said.

Experienced and amateur musicians are able to play electric guitar, bass guitar, voice, drums, keyboard and can even receive voice instruction. The program acknowledges that not all participants will have the same level of musical experience, so participants are divided into multiple bands. Amateur musicians may also receive another level of mentorship from other, more experienced participants in addition to faculty.

"We try to mix some of the ones that are more advanced with some of the beginners so that it levels it out and advanced performers sometimes forget (basic things)," Myers said. "In real life, if you decide to form a band, you're going to have people who may only play a little bit. It just brings it back down to a level where many people will have the same understanding."

Rock Camp promises nonstop fun for participants. In addition to instruction, talent shows will allow participants to demonstrate their talents, and students will be able to work with sound equipment and in recording studios to create original music. At the end of the camp, participants will able to perform for their friends and family in the Landini Center for the Performing and Fine Arts.

"These kids, by the end of the week, they learn up to four or five songs. It's all by memory. We'll have a final performance in the Landini Center in room 159," she said.

High schoolers can register as residents or commuters. The residential rate is $525 and is all-inclusive. Boys will stay in Jones Hall, while girls will stay in Hines Hall. Students will even be able to experience State's award-winning Student Rec Center for a day.

Commuter registration is $300 for the week, but meal plans are not included. Commuter participants are encouraged to purchase a $125 meal card for use at Generations restaurant and Sycamore Dining, but brown-bag lunches can also be brought from home. All participants will receive the same hands-on experience, one-on-one instruction with experienced musicians and Indiana State music faculty, and will meet like-minded students from all over Indiana.

Rock Camp is sponsored by the Indiana Arts Commission, the Indiana State University Center for Community Engagement and 21st Century Scholars.

For more information for Rock Camp, contact the Community School of the Arts at 812-237-2528 or register at the school's website,


Contact: Crystal Myers, administrative assistant, Community School of the Arts, Indiana State University, or 812-237-2528

Writer: Kristen Kilker, media relations assistant, Office of Communications and Marketing, or 812-237-3773