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Meet our scholars: Megan Effner

May 19, 2016

Megan Effner, a criminology and criminal justice major from Terre Haute, is recipient of the Hines Memorial Medal, which is awarded to seniors with the highest GPA. Effner earned a double major in criminology and psychology, but there is more to this scholar than her smarts. Effner is a huge Cubs fan, and she loves being active and watching sports. She enjoys her solitude and describes herself as a task-oriented person. If she could describe herself in one word, she would say conscientious, because she is very aware of everything that she does and how it affects others. During her time in college, she joined a sorority and studied abroad in London. Effner will be attending Maurer's School of Law at Indiana University in Bloomington.

If you could have any super power what would it be?

"I would want to fly, because it is a cheap way to travel."

What is your number one vice?

"I drink way too much coffee! I drink about four to five cups per day. My parents began letting me drink coffee when I was in elementary school."

What has been the best advice that you have been given?

"The best piece of advice that I have ever heard is that life goes on. No matter how great or terrible things are, great things are still to come."

Who has made your experience better at Indiana State?

"My sorority sisters have definitely enhanced my experience at Indiana State. When school or life was challenging, they keep me sane. Also, Lisa Decker, who is one of my criminology professors, had a great impact on me, because she sparked my interest in law school. She is one of my role models."

What has been your biggest lesson you have learned while in college?

"I learned that working hard pays off in the end. It may seem rough at times, but if you bust your butt you will get there."