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Masterworks Chorale in concert at 4 p.m. April 24

April 12, 2016

The Indiana State University School of Music Student Ensemble Series will present the Masterworks Chorale in concert at 4 p.m. April 24 in Tilson Auditorium of Tirey Hall.

The 65-member Masterworks Chorale will perform "Missa Brevis in C major (Organ Solo), K259" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and "A New Creation" by René Clausen, both works composed for SATB solo quartets and choir. The Mozart will be accompanied by a small chamber orchestra consisting of strings, brass, timpani, and keyboard, while keyboard only will accompany the Clausen. The program will be conducted by School of Music faculty member Mark Carlisle.

The solo vocal quartet for the Mozart features current School of Music students Jeehoo Kim, Katrina Welborn, Logan Williams and James Steele. Featured soloists for the Clausen are all current students or graduates of the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University and include the following: Indiana State School of Music faculty members Lisa Lowry and Yana Weinstein; Matthew Latta, faculty member at Vincennes University; and Christopher Seefeldt, graduate voice student in the Jacobs School of Music.

The "Missa brevis #8 in C major, K 259" is a mass composed by Mozart in 1776. Although classed as a missa brevis, or brief mass, the inclusion of trumpets in the scoring makes it a missa brevis et solemnis, or brief solemn mass. The mass derives its name (Organ Solo Mass) from the obbligato organ solo entry of the Benedictus movement. This is one of three masses Mozart composed in November and December 1776 that were all in C major.

"A New Creation is a piece of church music, not of any particular sect, synod, or denomination ... but the work does express a Christian point of view," said composer René Clausen. "That the piece is written in praise of God, whoever he and/or she might be, and in whatever form that God takes for each individual, seems to me to be essential to the understanding of the work ... but it is not intended to be evangelistic or religiously pedagogical.

"The various movements are attempts to characterize, through music, various aspects of the human/God, God/human relationship. The thematic and artistic credo of this work, which serves as both the title overall and of the central movement - a new creation - is representative of the composer's belief that the unwrapping of all of these elements in the progression of our lives - sometimes with joy, sometimes with pain - is worth the effort." Tickets to the event are available at the door or by calling the School of Music at 812-237-2770. Tickets will cost $10 for adults, $5 for non-Indiana State students and free for Indiana State students with a student I.D. and children younger than 10.


Contact: Mark Carlisle, School of Music, Indiana State University, at 812-237-2761 or