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Bayh College summit offers mid-year opportunity for professional development, community building

February 5, 2016

The semester is in full swing and the hustle and bustle can leave little time to recharge.

To help faculty and staff, the Bayh College of Education set aside time to focus on creating an environment focused on appreciation, inclusion and engagement at the 2nd annual Bayh College of Education Summit.

"The idea of the day is to celebrate the work that we do and to recharge and engage," said Denise Collins, associate dean for student and academic affairs. "It will offer the faculty and staff in the college strategies to take care of themselves so that we can provide the best education and services possible for our students."

Themed "Creating an Environment of Appreciation, Inclusion and Engagement," the summit brought together expertise from across Indiana State University's campus, including John Murray, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Willie Banks, vice president for student affairs, Heather Miklozek, director of community engagement, and Rebecca Murray, director of the Psychology Clinic and Beth Whitaker, director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence.

"It's the small things that each one of you does for students that can make a huge difference because relationships are what help the learning happen," Whitaker said. "Feeling is not part of the evaluation system, but thank you for making sure students feel that their passion is real."

It's also important to remember the art of appreciation in relationships on- or off-campus, as was explained by John Murray.

"Authentic, genuine appreciation allows people to feel recognized and cherished," he said.

The day encouraged faculty and staff to network with people from in and outside of the college to  strengthen their work on behalf of Indiana State students.

"We're all busy but it's important for us, as an education community and family, to pause and reflect on the great work we do and celebrate our many accomplishments," said Kandi Hill-Clarke, dean of the Bayh College.

The support of the university administration allowed the Bayh College to keep only necessary services open in order for the entire college's staff and faculty to spend a day together.

"This is a good time in the year to offer them new ways to think about they work they are doing," Collins said. "We want the faculty and staff to walk away with a renewed purpose and a sense of community and appreciation for all that they do here."

Writer: Betsy Simon, media relations assistant director, Office of Communications and Marketing, Indiana State University, 812-237-7972 or