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Special Collections' exhibit is teeming with bacteria

February 3, 2016

"Ask the Same Questions: Stories Connecting Art & Science" exhibit focuses on the art and scholarship from seven fields of study -- medical sciences, engineering, natural history, nuclear physics, microbiology, astronomy and perception -- found in the Special Collections at Indiana State University.

The artists and scholars represented all sought a better understanding of their fields.

The search for a better understanding of our place in the world is something that is not unique to either the sciences or the arts, but is something shared by both. Sometimes the scope of the questions is broad, and sometimes it narrows to focus on a particular field of study.

"As a part of the exhibit, I always wanted there to be an experiment, an integral part of the scientific method," said Jason Krueger, curator of the State's Permanent Art Collection. "So we will be growing bacteria, a sort of ISU Culture. We will be swabbing representatives' cell phones from the various colleges on campus at the opening and culturing bacteria - to see who has the most culture (pun intended)."

Whoever wins will receive a framed University Archives photography of their choice at the end of the exhibit.

The exhibit is on display through the end of the semester on the third floor of the Cunningham Memorial Library.


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