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Science Café set for Feb. 23

February 12, 2013

Indiana State University's has a Science Café planned for the Community Semester on Feb 23.

The Community Semester, which focuses on the theme "Our Town," is a way for the College of Arts and Sciences to showcase what it does best and to encourage faculty and students to share what they are learning to the community. It is also a way to bring innovative ideas in the science, humanities, liberal and creative arts to the area.

On Feb. 23, from 9:30 - 11 a.m. at Clabber Girl, ISU biogeochemist Jennifer Latimer will lead a presentation called "Science Café-Urban Legend: The Legacy of Leaded Gasoline, Lead-Based Paint, and Coal." Latimer will focus on the Wabash Valley and other areas that have elevated lead concentrations in the surface soils from a combination of lead paint, fuel additives and emissions from coal-fired power plants.

"Terre Haute is not the only city that has this problem. This presentation will teach people how to know if you have too much lead, what to do when you have too much lead and we are offering free soil testing for people," said Latimer, an assistant of geology.

A complete list and description of the Community Semester's activities may be found at:

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