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Bayh College of Education recommended for reaccreditation

September 26, 2012

The small audience of faculty and staff erupted into applause and cheers as Bayh College of Education Dean Brad Balch announced, "It has been recommended that we maintain full accreditation."

A site visit from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) confirmed the college's continuing accreditation for another seven years. In April 2013, the accreditation will go before the NCATE board for approval.

"Today affirmed that we have developed a transformative model that truly prepares graduates for a K-12 classroom experience," Balch said.

The visiting team especially noted the college's programs that put its students in schools early and often.

"Whether it's the TOTAL or Immersion program for the undergraduates or sustained clinical experiences at the graduate level, our programs are sustained on partnerships. The Board of Examiners noted that relationships are the key to success throughout our programs," Balch said.


Associate Dean Denise Collins, who also served as NCATE coordinator, said the NCATE team urged the college to share its teacher prep program nationally.


"They said, ‘You're not just the average teacher preparation down the road. You're better than that,'" Collins said. "We have the opportunity to share our teacher preparation nationwide. We have an obligation to do that."

The team also noted as the college's strengths: the number of students who return to the college for additional degrees, robust professional development, close relationships with candidates, students well prepared to enter their professional areas and the design of University Hall which enhances collaboration.

Eric Hampton, director of assessment and associate professor in the department of communication disorders and counseling, school and educational psychology, said the evaluation also noted the strength of the college's assessment program.

"The culture of assessment was focused on in our report," Hampton said. "They said our report backs it up."

Due to the strength of the college's assessment, the NCATE team suggested it needed to be presented to a larger audience to positively impact the field of educator preparation.

"We were encouraged to share our unit assessment system and approach to programming at the national level so that others might benefit from the good work that has been accomplished over the last seven years," Balch said.


Brad Balch celebrates NCATE's report recommending reaccreditation. ISU Photo/ Rachel Keyes

Dean Brad Balch, Associate Dean Denise Collins and Eric Hampton, direcotor of assessment, discuss the report. ISU Photo/Rachel Keyes

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