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ISU Theater presents Antigone

October 5, 2011

Sophocles' Antigone opens at Indiana State University's New Theatre on Friday, Oct. 14.

This stirring drama, the first piece of literature about civil disobedience, centers on Antigone, a courageous woman who breaks a dictator's law to bury the brother she loves. In so doing, she obeys higher laws, anticipating ideas later developed by Henry David Thoreau, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

Setting the play in the ruins of an ancient Greek palace in the early 1970's on an imagined island between Turkey and Greece, director Arthur Feinsod provides a more recognizable context for this classic tale.

"Bringing it closer to our world is an attempt to make the story more accessible and vivid for a contemporary audience,"Feinsod said. "By offering the audience a peek into the violence the Greeks left off stage, fight choreographer John-Michael Murphy and I hope to subtly expose the brutality, all too familiar to the Ancient Greeks -- and to us today."

By casting women to play Tiresias and the Chorus, Feinsod highlights the conflict in the play between male political authority and female spiritual power.

Julie Dixon, who teaches acting in the ISU theater department, assumes the role of Tiresias, the blind seer conceived by Sophocles as a man -- even though the mythological figure was both male and female at different times in his/her life. She is joined by ISU Theater senior Ani Cohen, who plays Antigone and has been seen in Crossroads Rep and school-year productions, including Velveteen Rabbit, Almost, Maine, Baltimore Waltz and Titus Andronicus. ISU sophomore Charles Adams performs Creon, the play's other tragic hero. The Sentry, enacted by Preston Dildine, brings comic relief to the production.

Other actors recognizable to Crossroads Rep audiences include chorus leader and chorus co-choreographer Clara Butts, who performed this summer in Godspell, and Tiara Watkins, whom audiences will remember from Simon's The Sunshine Boys in summer 2010. Feinsod's collaborators include faculty designers Linda Janosko (set) and Chris Berchild (sound) as well as student designers Natalie Cappucci (lights) and Jenna Kelly (costumes).

Antigone will be presented Friday and Saturday, Oct. 14 and 15 and again Oct. 19-22 at 7:30 p.m. at the New Theatre on Seventh St. The show runs just under 90 minutes without an intermission. Tickets are $7. Students will be admitted free with a valid student ID. For more information, call 812-237-3333.

Contact: Tiara Watkins, ISU Theater Dept. publicist, 812-237-3334