First-time freshmen up nearly 9 percent, graduate enrollment remains at record levels

August 31 2007

Indiana State University’s aggressive recruitment efforts have paid off in the form of an 8.7 percent increase in first-time freshmen this fall following a record level of applications, university officials announced today.

“We are extremely pleased. Our efforts on many fronts are really starting to pay dividends. We are seeing growth in new freshmen for the second year in a row, coupled with some continued improvements in the preparedness of the students we enroll,” said Lloyd W. Benjamin III, president of Indiana State University.

The number of first-time freshmen entering the university grew to 1,852, up 149 students from 1,703 in 2006. Last fall was the first increase in new freshmen since Indiana State began implementing more rigorous admissions standards in 2001. Graduate enrollment remained at record levels for the fourth year in the row, with a slight increase of 0.9 percent or 19 students from last fall.

Freshmen applications to Indiana State grew by 20 percent this year to an all-time record level. Of the 6,246 applications received, 4,486 freshmen were admitted while 669 were denied admission. In 2006, 5,204 applications were received from first-time freshmen with 4,154 being admitted and 344 being denied.

Overall enrollment was almost even with last year despite the impact of a larger class graduating and the smaller classes of recent years moving up. Headcount enrollment dropped by 25 students to 10,543 while full-time-equivalency enrollment (total credit hours divided by a full-time load) declined by only 10 students.

In addition, the academic profile of the new class of Sycamores continues to improve. This year improvements were noted in the number of students completing the Core 40 curriculum and in the grade point averages, SAT scores and Core 40 completion rates for conditionally admitted students, said C. Jack Maynard, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

“These improvements demonstrate our commitment to bringing higher quality students to Indiana State. We are committed to student success. This is the first year of our laptop initiative where all freshmen are required to have an approved laptop. We are pleased with the quality and the quantity of our freshman class,” said Maynard.

Benjamin and Maynard both praised the efforts of Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Kevin Snider, Director of Admissions Richard Toomey as well as the enrollment management, communications and marketing staffs.

“We implemented a number of new recruitment strategies this year and targeted certain geographical areas for special attention. Together with our revised scholarship programs, these extra efforts helped us build upon last year’s growth in freshmen. Everyone involved in our recruitment and marketing efforts contributed to this success,” said Benjamin.

Enrollment remains the top priority for the entire campus, he added. The areas of enrollment management, communications and marketing were merged into a new vice presidential unit on July 1, and John Beacon has been hired to head the area.

“We plan to continue to be aggressive and will be implementing several new strategies again this year to reach targeted markets and attract high-achieving students. It is apparent that we are on the right track, but we must keep the momentum going,” said Beacon, who began his duties as vice president for enrollment management, marketing and communications in July.

Moving in Students move in to Indiana State residence halls on Aug. 18. Indiana State reported a nearly 9 percennt increase in the number of first-time freshmen this fall. It is the second year in a row for an increase in new freshmen at ISU

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Aggressive recruitment efforts have paid off in the form of an 8.7 percent increase in first-time freshmen this fall, Indiana State University officials annunced. 2007 marks the second straight year the university has seen an increase in new freshmen. Graduate student enrollment remains at a record level, with 19 more students than last year. Overall enrollment at Indiana State stands at 10,543, compared with 10,568 students in fall 2006.

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