Al Perone named associate dean of students

May 17 2007

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - Al Perone, an Indiana State University alumnus and a 23 year veteran in ISU's Office of Student Affairs, has been named associate dean of students at his alma mater.

"I’m very excited to be assuming this leadership role. The position broadens the scope of what I’ve been doing throughout the years in Student Affairs at Indiana State. I look forward to enhancing the student experience while letting them know they have a resource in the dean’s office," said Perone, who will assume his new duties July 1. Freda Luers will assume the position as interim director of student activities and organizations at that time.

The new associate dean is well-known on the university campus. Perone began his career in 1984 as a residence hall director before assuming the duties as assistant to the dean of student life in 1987, where he served as advisor to Interfraternity Council, coordinated educational and social programs, served as a hearing officer for the student judicial process and was a liaison between Student Life and campus ministers. He became assistant director of Student Life Programs in 1991, expanding his role to include student leadership development and serving as a liaison to 35 fraternities and sororities. He became director of student activities and organizations in 2000.

“Al has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the division and to the university. He has often stepped up and performed functions well above and beyond the call of duty,” said Thomas Ramey, vice president for student affairs.

“There’s no denying what Al has done for Indiana State University,” Ramey added.

The associate dean of students will share supervision of staff, programs and services, facilities and resources assigned to the incoming dean, Carmen Tillery. Perone will also serve as student ombudsperson, assisting students in the resolution of concerns related to University policies, procedures and decisions.

Ramey views Tillery and Perone as “a significant partnership,” with Tillery’s diverse experience and fresh perspective combining with Perone’s knowledge of the institution as both a student and a staff member.

“Each of them brings their own set of strengths to the office,” Ramey said.

Perone, who participated in the interviewing process for Tillery, is looking forward to working with the seasoned student affairs professional when she arrives on campus in early June.

“From the time I met her, I thought I would work well with her. We have compatible personalities and we’re both committed to the students,” he said.

Like Tillery, he enjoys being around students. He can frequently be found in the Hulman Memorial Student Union Commons, a place he calls his second office.

“I work on behalf of the students, so I want to be where the students are,” Perone added.

Whether it’s attending or assisting with student events and programs or talking with students while walking on campus, Perone uses the opportunity to gain insight into the minds of today’s collegians.

“Being around students helps me think like a student,” he said.

He’s also learned a few lessons along the way, such as how to text message and use Facebook.

Perone earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from Indiana State in 1981; followed by a master’s degree in college student personnel in 1984; and a graduate certificate in management information processing in 1985.

Perone sees his work as a way of giving back to a university that has given him knowledge and opportunities.

“I’ve gained so much from being a part of this university. I cannot begin to repay the debt, so I enjoy giving back to the university in the form of service.”


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Al Perone, an Indiana State University alumnus and a 23 year veteran in ISU's Office of Student Affairs, has been named associate dean of students at his alma mater.

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