Media Advisory: Local eighth-graders at ISU Explorers Program Monday

February 17 2006

Who: Vigo County eighth-graders interested in manufacturing technology and Indiana State University College of Technology faculty and students

What: Explorers Program

When: 6-7:30 p.m., Monday, February 20, 2006

Where: ISU Myers Technology Center, ISU campus (650 Cherry St., Terre Haute)

Why: Students spend a few hours each Monday night for eight weeks at a different location, gaining hands-on experience with technology. As many as 21 industry and education partners have participated in the program over the past few years. ISU is one of the education partners in the program and is hosting the program on Monday night, which marks the halfway point of the project. The students work toward a common goal of producing and assembling a product throughout the semester, which exposes them to skills, materials and processes. Students will see many demonstrations and get hands-on experience in a number of skill areas, such as machine processes, CAD, welding, PLC programming and assembly.

Photo/Video opportunities: Four separate activities will be running simultaneously, and students will rotate every 20 minutes. After a 10-minute intro in Room 101E, students will divide up and go to:

Room 108-Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab. Industrial robots, computer-controlled machines and conveyors. Room 114-Simco class. Automation demonstrations. Room 316-Robotics Lab. Hands-on experience with the robots. Room 025-Machining Classroom/Lab. CAM and Machining Center demonstration.

Follow-up opportunities:
Monday, 2/27/06 - Smith's Aerospace (Laser demo, work on hammer head, practice stamping)
Monday, 3/6/06 - Ivy Tech (Jet engine demo, stamp heads, hammer shaft)
Monday, 3/13/06 - Tri Aerospace (Dot peen demo, hammer handle, cut brass pins)
Monday, 3/20/06 - A-1 Machine (Welding demo, finish work, assemble hammer)


Contact: James Smallwood, chairperson and professor, manufacturing and construction technology, (812) 237-3462 or

Writer: Katie Spanuello, Assistant Director of Media Relations and Communications Indiana State University, (812) 237-3743 or

ISU Communications and Marketing: (812) 237-3773 or

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Eighth-grade students interested in manufacturing technology gain hands-on experience with technology

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