ISU alumna begins her book tour in Terre Haute April 7

April 4 2006

Who: ISU Alumna Kathy Gerwig Speigner

What: Kicking off her book tour for "Hero 'Kit' Hunter and Valentines in October"

When: 4-6 p.m. Friday, April 7

Where: The Open Door, located at 3125 S. 3rd Place, Terre Haute

NOTE: At 4:05 p.m. Speigner will participate in a special presentation detailing how the book came about, the future of the series and a brief reading from the book.

Hero "Kit" Hunter, her mismatched friends, and her fun-loving family, in this novel about the games teens play in-love and getting-into-trouble-with-love. Western-city girl, living in a Midwestern-very-Catholic-town, Hero struggles with her own faith while analyzing her boyfriend's intentions. Over the chaotic and charming Halloween weekend, fireworks fly in forms of flowers, songs, and strangely enough, poems written by her best friend.

In this upbeat world, with labels and trends, where teens do their best to "fit in," love is one emotion or value that will surely come to pass. For Hero "Kit," it emerges out of the most unexpected places and with the most peculiar people.

Speigner, who earned a Master of Arts in Communication & Theatre from Indiana State University said the main character's life is similar to her own.

"Hero "Kit" Hunter is my life -- about 20 percent fact mixed and mingled with a ton of "dramatic imagination." She said.

"I grew up in Decatur, Indiana. Kit is too. I went to St. Joseph Catholic, Kit did too. I went to Bellmont High School, Kit does too. She sings, plays the piano, writes, performs in the theatre...many things that I did in my youth. I take a personal experience and push it to the extreme with "Kit"...or I give her a safety net, where I didn't have one," Speigner said.

"Hero 'Kit' Hunter and Valentines in October" was first published in January by Authorhouse in Bloomington, Ind. Speigner recently finished writing "Hero 'Kit' Hunter and the Talent Tree."

About the author:

Speigner, a native Hoosier (she grew up in Decatur), wrote her first book at age 10 and has since authored several plays. Her first, Valentines in October, earned 1997's "Outstanding Creative Project" for Speigner, who was a student at Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis.

Speigner took her master's thesis For Daisies to Bloom: A Theatrical Exploration of Breast Cancer Survivors' and Their Families' Experiences and developed it into a production that was used as a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society in April 2001.

Her stories help youth contemplate moral and controversial issues. Speigner lives in Seattle with her husband and children.

Writer: Paula Meyer, ISU Communications & Marketing, (812) 237-3783 or

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Kathy Gerwig Speigner kicks off her book tour for "Hero 'Kit' Hunter and Valentines in October" in Terre Haute April 7.

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