Recycle, Reuse: College of Education prepares for move to new building

October 20 2008

If one were to walk into the College of Education at any given time throughout the day, you would have seen a number of faculty and staff members cleaning out their closets in an early effort to get ready for the big move in the spring.

Josh Powers, chairman of the department of educational leadership, administration and foundations, was one of the many trying to get an early start in cleaning out his office.

"So far we have already filled up six bins," he said. "This day is symbolic to moving and the new, exciting space we will be in next year."

Instead of throwing away the things they haven't seen in years, and some of which they didn't know they had, they are doing their best to recycle each and every item, whether it can be used in the new building or recycled for others to use.

The work was all in preparation of a move to University Hall. The former Laboratory School building is currently undergoing a $29.8 million renovation, which is more than half way complete. By June of 2009, it will be the new location for the College of Education.

As with any move, there are many items that have not been seen in a number of years, tucked away in storage space and forgotten about. In an effort to cut down on the forgotten clutter, Brad Balch, dean of the College of Education, decided it would be a good to recycle the items that will not move to the new building.

Wednesday, Oct. 15, was the first of two "recycling days," in the College of Education. All faculty and staff were asked to clean out their closets, old file cabinets and anything else they need to get rid of before the big move in the spring.

"We've been at this location for a number of years," said Balch. "It is easy to accumulate lots of stuff."

Balch explained the day has a two-fold purpose -- it is a nice way to show how committed they are to recycling and to get a good head start at the same time.

As a thank you to the faculty and staff members who participated in the day's events, Balch provided a pizza luncheon complete with popcorn and soft drinks in order to show his appreciation.

Denise Land, an administrative assistant, also participated in the day's events.

"After cleaning out a storage room, we found old student files, dissertations, and work from superintendents, donors and alumni," said Land. "This is part of ISU history we can take with us to the new building."


Writer: Jennifer Spector, Indiana State University, media relations intern, at or 812-237-3773

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Wednesday, Oct. 15, was the first of two "recycling days," in the College of Education.

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