Professor selected to be distinguished lecturer

October 9 2008

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership has selected an Indiana State University professor to be a distinguished lecturer for the 2009-10 academic year.

Jennifer Latimer, assistant professor of geology, will give six to eight lectures across the United States on "The Role of Iron Fertilization and Past Climate Change: Where does all that dirt come from.'"

As a graduate student, Latimer began investigating the impact iron has on climate change. That research has continued through today.

"My talk is about iron fertilization of oceans, how it impacted climate change in the past and why I don't think it will work to curb future climate change," she said.

While experiments have shown that adding iron to iron deficient waters fuels new productivity in algae, which contribute to the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, she said research shows it is more complicated than just adding iron to the water.

"Other factors that influence iron fluxes to the deep-sea include changes in the strength of surface currents, as well as sediment redistribution and remobilization by bottom currents," she said.

Latimer said she doesn't know who nominated her for the lecturer series, but that she is excited about the opportunity.

"It was really surprising to be given this opportunity. Usually the lecturers are much more senior scientists, it's also unusual for the lecturer to be from a smaller school," she said. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to promote my research and ISU."

Latimer was a Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellow in 1999, studying the sediment geochemistry of samples from the Southern Ocean and sailed as a physical properties specialist as part of the Ocean Drilling Program's research in the Tasmanian Seaway. In addition, she sailed on a site survey expedition to the South Pacific in 2005 in support of a proposed drilling expedition.


Contact: Jennifer Latimer, Indiana State University, assistant professor of geology, at 812-237-2254 or

Writer: Jennifer Sicking, Indiana State University, assistant director of media relations, at 812-237-7972 or

Photo: Jennifer Latimer

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Jennifer Latimer, assistant professor of geology, will give six to eight lectures across the United States on

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