Indiana State professor, students featured on national Web site

April 30 2008

The work of an Indiana State University professor who introduces students to the field of oceanography is featured on a new national Web site.

The site, part of the "Solutions for Our Future" campaign, includes a report about participation by students in a 24-hour research expedition off the coast of San Diego. The day spent aboard a floating classroom offered many firsts for students - mostly from the nation’s heartland - who worked with Tony Rathburn, associate professor of geology at Indiana State and a research associate with Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

“Solutions for Our Future” is a project of the American Council on Education, Indiana State and nearly 400 other colleges and universities throughout the country. It is part of a public outreach campaign designed to raise awareness about higher education’s critical role in the nation’s future.

The report on Indiana State’s involvement in the San Diego oceanographic research is included on the "Higher Education Goes Green" micro-site of the Solutions for Our Future Web site.

“We are pleased that the work of an Indiana State University has been chosen for inclusion in this important public awareness campaign. Associate Professor Rathburn is an internationally-recognized researcher and his commitment to working with students as colleagues is just one example of how faculty members at Indiana State are devoted to experiential learning and finding solutions to the challenges confronting the state, our nation and the world,” said Lloyd W. Benjamin III, ISU president.

“It is perhaps fitting that, at the time of the launch of this initiative, Professor Rathburn is off on another research expedition. This time, he and another student are part of an international effort that is studying the impact of global warming off the coast of Antarctica,” Benjamin added.

“Our country continues to reap concrete benefits from public investments in higher education and to research made 40 and 50 years ago,” said David Ward, president of the American Council on Education. “We have an obligation to future generations to make similar investments today to ensure that colleges and universities continue to generate new ideas and new technologies and educate the people who will have the know-how and the insight to solve problems and improve the quality of our lives.”

“Solutions for Our Future” has three primary goals: increase awareness of the public benefits of higher education; enable every campus to do its part in meeting the nation’s needs for higher education; and make higher education a public policy priority.

Writer: Dave Taylor, media relations director, Indiana State University, 812-237-3743 or

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The work of an Indiana State University professor who introduces students from the nation's heartland to the field of oceanography is featured on a new national Web site.

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