Professor to lead conference on change in Indy

April 14 2008

Change is inevitable for school systems as well as businesses, but how employees cope with it is optional, according to Todd Whitaker, professor of educational leadership, administration and foundations.

That will be the basis of his conference "Bringing Everybody on Board: 7 Keys to Unlocking Change" that will be held from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday (April 15) at the Marriott in downtown Indianapolis.

"The question for all schools or organizations is 'As good as we are, how can we be better?'" Whitaker said. He also added that state and federal mandates can force changes on schools and in classrooms that can often be met with great resistance.

It then becomes a leader's job to get others to commit to the change and promote it. Whitaker will draw from his bestselling books and national seminars in this session as he describes seven essential elements to implement any change and to achieve teacher and administrator commitment.

One step necessary in implementing change, Whitaker said, is to make sure the first exposure to an idea is great.

"Do not randomly toss it out there," he said. "It takes eight times longer to unlearn something than to learn it."

Instead, he said, the first time an idea or concept is presented it should be done by the best person in the organization and it should take place in the best environment.

"If they don't believe in it, they won't promote it," he said.

Instead, they could work against the idea. He will also speak on how to manage those who resist change, as well as developing informal leaders.

Whitaker, a former teacher and principal, is a regular speaker and consultant to hundreds of schools, districts and state, national and international associations. He also will be leading workshops in Dallas on April 25 and in Chicago on April 28 on "What Great Teachers Do Differently."


Contact: Todd Whitaker, professor of educational leadership, administration and foundations, Indiana State University, at 812 237-2904 or at  

Writer: Jennifer Sicking, assistant director of media relations, Indiana State University, at 812-237-7972 or 

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Bringing everyone together to work toward change will be the basis of conference -- Bringing Everybody on Board: 7 Keys to Unlocking Change -- by Indiana State University professor Todd Whitaker that will be held on Tuesday (April 15)in downtown Indianapolis.

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