ISU opens campus to Teachers of Tomorrow

March 14 2008

TERRE HAUTE ��" Those who hope to lead a classroom in the future can find out what it would take to get them there with Indiana State University’s Teachers of Tomorrow program.

“This event provides prospective new students with first-hand insight into the curriculum, the courses, the faculty and the field of education,” said Rich Toomey, ISU director of admissions. “As prospective teachers, this program will provide both an opportunity to experience the profession that is teaching as well as engage with university faculty in a direct and personal way.”

On March 25, those who want to study education may visit ISU to learn more about what it would take to become a teacher and to attend the university. The day-long program is for those who are interested in studying elementary, secondary or special education.

“This is a critical time when high school students are trying to make up their minds about where they want to go,” said Rebecca Libler, ISU College of Education associate dean. “The only difference could be where they think they would be a good fit. We hope they try us on for size and we’ll be a good fit.”

The day includes a session where professors discuss what the high school students would need to do or to take to become a licensed teacher. The prospective students will then attend a mini-class.

In the class, Libler said the professors would teach for about 20 minutes, demonstrating to the high school students a typical college class. After a question and answer session, the professors also would discuss what the college classes would be like and their expectations.

The day includes a visit to the Center for Instruction, Research and Technology and Cunningham Memorial Library to learn about what they offer students. At the end of the day, the high school students will have a question and answer session with a panel of education students.

For more information, contact Indiana State’s admission’s office at 1-800-GO-TO-ISU or register on-line at


Contact: Rebecca Libler, Indiana State University, College of Education associate dean, at 812-237-2899 or

Writer: Jennifer Sicking, Indiana State University, assistant director of media relations, at 812-237-7972 or

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Those who hope to lead a classroom in the future can find out what it would take to get them there with Indiana State University's Teachers of Tomorrow program.

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