ISU students who saved swimmer from drowning to receive award

January 25 2008

WHAT: Terre Haute Fire Department’s Third Annual Community Hero Awards

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 27, 5:30 p.m. social hour, 6:30 p.m. dinner, 7 p.m. awards ceremony

WHERE: Indiana State University’s Hulman Memorial Student Union, Dede I and II

WHO: Laura Finch, ISU freshman pre-med major; and Luke Jones, ISU professional aviation flight technology major, both from Terre Haute, will receive the Civilian Service Medal from the Terre Haute Fire Department for saving the life of a drowning person.

STORY: During one of their lifeguard shifts this summer at ISU’s pool, Finch and Jones noticed that there was one swimmer left in the pool after they announced it was time to close. The swimmer was having difficulty in the deep end, and all of a sudden, went below the surface. Jones jumped in and dove down to the swimmer who was nearly at the bottom of the pool. He pulled the swimmer up to the surface, swam to the side, and was assisted by Finch in pulling the swimmer out of the pool. Having been trained in CPR, they assessed him, found he was not breathing and had no pulse. They administered two-person CPR for a minute and a half, and the swimmer began coughing up water, and went into seizure. By that time, the Terre Haute Fire Department paramedics arrived on the scene and took over. The swimmer regained consciousness and is doing fine today. According to Bill Berry, interim fire chief and awards committee member, the administration of early CPR by Jones and Finch saved the swimmer’s life.


CONTACT: Laura Finch, ISU student and honoree, 812-236-2453; or Kimberly Monte, Recreational Sports operations manager, 812-237-4099 or

WRITER: Katie Spanuello, media relations assistant director, Indiana State University, 812-237-3790 or

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ISU students who saved a swimmer from drowning are awarded the Terre Haute Fire Department's Community Hero Awards

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