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Campus and Community Lunch Series every Wednesday this month

February 5, 2013

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December 31, 1969

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United Campus Ministries is holding their Campus and Community Lunch Series every Wednesday at noon through the month of February at the UCM center located at 321 N. 7th St. The Campus and Community Lunch Series is free and open to the public.

Bridging the (Political, et al) Divides
February 6
Dr. Bill Hughes, Professor Emeritus of Music, ISU and the Rev. Jimmy Moore, Senior Minister of Centenary United Methodist Church

What lies at the heart of our divisions? Fear? Distrust of "otherness?" Heartbreak? Need for certainty, for infallible authority? Need for power and winning? What else . . . ? Parker Palmer's take on how we might begin to heal our democracy along with some insights from psychology/psychotherapy.

February 13
Dr. Thomas Steiger, Professor of Sociology, Director, Center for Student Research and Creativity, ISU

What are the major issues facing us at this time in social divisions; look at how the demographics went in the last presidential election (significant gender differences, significant racial differences, significant age and education differences as well as religious differences).

February 20
Dr. Robert Guell, Professor of Economics, ISU and Dr. Linda Maule, Dean, University College, Associate Professor, Political Science and Women's Studies, Coordinator of Foundational Studies, ISU

What are the major divisive/dividing issues facing us at this time in our political and economic history? What can we do about them? What is the role of government in all of that?

February 27
Dr. Christine Kennedy, Director, Center for the Study of Health, Spirituality and Religion, ISU

What role, if any, do religious/spiritual beliefs play in our response to divisive/dividing issues? How might religious/spiritual beliefs help bridge the gulfs between us caused by disagreements around politics and morality?

Wrap up session and a planning for the spring semester series.

Feel free to bring your lunch!!

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